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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Pink Forest

“The Pink Forest” painting by dcrelief

Every year I wander home to Pennsylvania to visit with family. I find my self surrounded by nieces and nephews for whom I have written children’s books over the years. Now they are old enough to have children and it’s, “Aunt D, can I get another copy of ‘The Red Bird’, ‘Grandma’s Teapot,’ or ‘The Wooden Horse’?” Funny but I didn’t realize that my books would be so loved. Is it time to publish them; with my dual fear of failure or success… I can only wonder.

I always take my paints and canvas and carefully trek into the woods or some other quiet spot and record with brushes what I see. Last year was no different but I wondered what to paint in the dismally cold rain. Before the week was out I had my answer; the rain cleared and an overcast sky began to snow. Huge flakes began to fall as if someone was standing on the mountain top and shredding paper; nice large flakes! The ground covered fast and I could tell there was going to be a painting. But it continued on through the night and I began to doubt I’d ever make the walk through the large drifts.

It was around seven in the morning that two of my oldest nieces woke me, “C’mon and see the pink forest.” I hurriedly dressed, we grabbed my painting gear and I followed, not knowing to where. The youngest, at 21, talked fast, “Oh you’ve got to see this. It happens every year when it snows. We call it ‘the pink forest’”. Pretty soon we came upon a clearing and… the painting from above is what we saw. No words could really describe the beauty. Enjoy!


  1. Hello dcrelief.

    What a beautiful painting. You are such a talented artist. I have got the urge to jump through my computer screen and lie down in the snow. Then I could make 'snow angels'..Whee:-)

  2. Klahanie:
    What a very nice thing to say. Thank you!

    It was such a cold morning as I sat on a stump and sketched as quickly as I could...writing little notes indicating the colors of the sky. My acrylics threatened to freeze. But you know, if you had been there making snow angels... I would have painted you in! dcrelief

  3. i love waking in the middle of the night and "hearing" the special kind of silence that follows a snowfall.
    beautiful painting.

  4. loj...
    Yes, and what a lovely picture you've painted with your comment.


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