Stripping away the rose colored glasses of denial concerning my reality. Getting in touch with truth. Reaching out to others in empathy concerning their reality and their walk to truth.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Used words

Something I want to say
My heart just wants to let it out
The thoughts just repeating within
And they’re used words, used words

Something I want to do
There’s no way I can be wrong
To take the time to touch life
With used words, used words

Something I want to feel
And all alone I’ll have it
I know somehow that life will be
About used words, used words

Something I’ll have to live
Take my chance and find my peace
I know alone that life will be
Used words, used words

*photo: Hieroglyphics found in Great Pyramid titled, "The First Time"

Friday, February 20, 2009

A turn

I don’t always know
What’s on the other side?
Of where I’m leaving
Will I be grieving?

I don’t always see
The best reality
But hear me
Don’t fear me

I’m moving
I’m walking on through
Taking a turn
I thought I’d take

A turn

I don’t who will be
On that side to greet
And hug me
Sweet words pour on me

I’m moving
I’m walking on through
Taking a turn
I thought I’d take

A turn

Thursday, February 19, 2009

dedication to LR

To my friend, LR, who doesn't care what I do as long as I'm happy.
Finally after 605 blog articles, a dedicated blog to you. How good is this?
Thank you for your support, friendship, and patience.
Love, Dixie

Tree House

It was the finest tree I ever owned and I gave it to the guys.
No more climbing it you see; would be a tree house to the skies.
We saved a little money and my Dad sure helped us out.
To ward off all the bad guys we made a sign that read: “Keep Out!”

The floors were laid with heavy planks and fastened down with nails.
The spaces left between allowed the planks to gently swell.
We had to have two railings: a foot rest and one for arms.
A rope was added to a branch to escape from any harm.

Our tree house christened “Nautilus” was ready to be shown.
My heart was all aflutter ‘til I saw the sign and groaned.
“No Girls Allowed, and this means YOU and we will take a stand
To drive you far away from here and curse you off this land!”

Girls will laugh and girls will cry but I could not do either.
I smiled a smirk, turned with a jerk, and left them for the ether.
My dogwood tree it beckoned me and off I went to climb.
Then slowly let the tears escape while citing funny rhymes.

They never knew the pain I felt; I buried it inside;
And still today when I recall the tree house I confide,
That though I never saw the top and no one bid me in,
I never want to be as one that's “not allowed” again!

"Remove the Rose Colored Glasses"

Finally on Zimbio I was able to get my wikizine working again. So many twists and turns to maneuver. Lots of other zines to check out. I did not want to lose mine.

I would personally like to thank "Tony" and the staff for investigating the problem.

Most sincerely, dcrelief

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Burning both ends

If you don’t mind
I’m reliably blind
The candle is my only glow

It speaks to my heart
It renders life’s spark
For sharing the path that I go

While burning both ends
I must never pretend
That I have the answers for show

My new candle’s ready
In time I am steady
To light up the night and sow

Monday, February 16, 2009


I was helping a friend of mine sort socks from the dryer. Two adults and five children make a lot of socks to sort. Any white socks with orange stripe or orange color were for the youngest one. I continued as each child had his or her own assigned color. Don’t laugh, it worked perfectly; it did not take as long as I first thought.

If only I could sort through my own life that way. Assign a color for billing, a color for shopping days, and a color that told me to drive this day. But then, why couldn’t I use a color system? With the limitations I have that are not going away, I need the simplicity of a system works better than what I have now.

My issues are all together, herded together like wild animals but not as pretty and interesting as the animals. I found this photo, of a painting, from years ago and was pleasantly surprised when my eyes focused on the horses. How many were there? Translate that to my issues: how many were staring back at me waiting for me to focus on, sort it out, and resolve?

Lately I’ve had some pleasant distractions that help me to relax and get some issues off of my mind. There has immerged a priority list to work on. So do I take the orange magic marker (crayon) and put a dot on the calendar to help me sort? I’ll have to get back to you. I need to count the number of color crayons I have.

Any suggestions: reply to the lavender dot. O

seeing the beauty of a lifetime

Many only see beauty in life. Many look only to the outer beauty. But we all know the secret. Look beyone life, beyond death, and envision a beauty that displays the entire essence of the life lived.

Like a leaf that "says" I've been here for all seasons this past year. I'm leaving buds to come and give you more beauty for the coming year, and those beyond.

Or a ninety-two year old man who has seven children grown, ten grand children grown, and now four great grandchildren growing. It's about the seeing.

Stop Grinding

Lately I keep grinding out the same old answer for the same kind of mistake. That can't be right. My mind must be wrong? I cannot fathom what is so hard to get past. What is it I need to do?

A pesky thought. Obsessive and domineering when it wants to be. Please just go away. My mind is not into fighting. There must be a solution.

How about two wheels and grind the thought into meal? Then make some muffins.