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Saturday, May 5, 2012

post number 500

I wondered what post number 500 would be about. Let's talk about the coming Olympics!

London is hosting the Olympics July 27- August 12, 2012. I'm so excited! Not only that but it's in the year of Queen Elizabeth's 60th jubilee. How much more excitement do I need?

Aw, yes, I love the synchronized swim teams.... every country's participants!

It's still early, for the Oylmpics, but I still needed a number 500 post, so why not?
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Mind space

What occupies your mind occupies your time. Everything else is half-done. In a stupor or in a fog, makes no difference, when a problem enslaves your waking moments. How often I must trade the warring mind for a life of great blessings. Yes, as long as I hold on to the war inside my head, the longer I wait for peace. As this happens every year I must note that every year I have a choice to make. What, if not whom, am I living for?
It's not a unique question. Certainly it's not unique to me. People everywhere make the same inquiries that I do. Can they help me? Can I help them?
I was watching a program recently. The topic was: strongholds in the mind. A stronghold, whether it be depression, an eating disorder, cognitive issues, and many others. We don't have to let them win. The point was, when a negative thought enters your mind, it had to come from somewhere. So where did it come from? And if you don't have an answer to that you might allow yourself to become stuck. But the program lecturer was saying you need to acknowledge the thought and immediately tell it you believe differently. So it sounds like what you believe helps or directs your response to negative input.
That said, what occupies my mind today is the beauty of outdoors. It's everything I need to feel loved. The trees, the grass, the flowers, animals, and peaceful neighbors, add to my being a warmth that touches me deep within. None of this can money buy. None of this can man rule.
I continue loving what I believe. I continue loving a Creator that brings me joy. And when I tell a negative thought my Creator says differently, I am healed of the situation the thought might have led to. Just for today... I refuse to rent space in my mind for negatives.
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Father's ship

My father's ship set out to sea ~ 
It was the year that I turned three.
The winds arose, and rains did pour ~
While on the land, I turned to four.
The sails aright, their strength alive ~
When candles on the cake, said I was five.
The boom did crash, there was no fix ~
The year that I would turn to six.
A drowning mass and sinking leaven ~
The tale would end and I was seven.
So as my Mum put out the light ~
I asked if father was alright?
She answered, "Yes, but he'll be in late."
I closed my eyes and dreamed of eight.

painting: Fred Beckett

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bring us your tires

I'm from southern USA... yep the deep south where a favorite lawn decoration, for years, was the white tire! Homes, businesses, parks and jiffy johns, all displayed their tires with pride. 

Why even the 'Statue of Liberty' proclaimed the song of the south: Bring us your tires, your poor, your hungry... course now that you-all have arrived, we don't know what to do with ya!

Just in time... yes sir, we made a change! No longer is the white tire the coveted item to own. The south has one of the finest mixes of peoples you'd ever want to meet. And you know... they all brought their own yard art. Yep, yard art!! Tires.