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Friday, June 2, 2017

Surgery Successful

My surgery went very well. I stayed in the Neuro - ICU overnight; home by 12 noon the next day. I'm having to maintain bed rest for a few days, due to the surgical opening that needs to heal, Walking is still awkward but I'll get there soon. Thank you for your prayers, good thoughts, and positive energy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bad news or good news?

I experienced a third stroke the second week of May. Every time this happens I have to have a MRI of my head. It's really awful because of the noise this machine makes. Still, it has to be done to assess the damage the stroke has caused. This time the MRI showed a brain aneurysm.

My thinking is this: even thou the stroke was "bad news", finding the aneurysm was "good news". The doctor does not know how long I've had it but thank God, I can have surgery to repair it. So on Wednesday, May 31st, I'll have the surgery.

Meanwhile, the pink rose bush I gave my Mom is blooming like crazy. Usually those nasty, little green canker worms eat the leaves, delaying the blooming until early June.  My Mom passed away twenty years ago. I'm so thankful the rose bush is still living and over four feet tall!! This may sound strange but the blooming rose gives me a very good feeling... kind of like she's watching over me. You know? 

I  hope everyone is doing well.  My posting is erratic but that's the way it goes. 

~ Dixie

Monday, January 16, 2017

Write... right?

I'm sitting here wondering what to write. You've experienced that too, right? An update from me is overdue, so here I am. Physically, there hasn't been a big change. Therapy is over, so now I continue the exercises on my own. Typing is still mostly with one hand. I'm considering using a "voice recognition" system to enable me to continue writing... waiting to get a microphone for my laptop. An ingenious device... I speak and it records (types) what I say. That will be fun, I think.

My last post was just before Thanksgiving. All of my holidays were very nice. I hope your holidays were as cheerful and warm as mine. The worse thing was finding out my Cd of "The Grinch" finally bit the dust. I had to watch it online. If that was the worse thing, then I think I'm doing great!

Mentally and emotionally I'm hanging tough. Staying positive helps my recovery. I decided to do some crafting to coordinate my hands, and to distract me...For Christmas I made salt dough ornaments. It's a great way to get both hands working together. 

My next adventure is to make a 10" x 5" salt dough plaque... a birthday gift for my God-daughter. Once I paint it, I'll glue this seahorse clip art onto the plaque. Then I'll coat it translucent with a glitter paint. I think it will look pretty in her "beach themed" bathroom. 

As soon as I learn to use the camera on my new phone, I'll upload a picture of the seahorse plaque. Until then, I wish you peace and love. 

Additionally, "Happy New Year"! Love, Dixie