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Saturday, November 1, 2014


The leaves are down from a late night storm.
It rained, it thundered, and flashes of lightning crossed the sky.
I hunkered down in my bed, quite warm.
The downy top, the sleep nonstop, the windchimes' lullaby.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Celebrate: Winterizing

The days are cooler - the nights are longer - winter is on the way.
So I'm celebrating these things:

1 - All the winter curtains are hung.

2 - All the YouTube "do-it-yourself" videos have been watched. Yay ! (I hope I know what I'm doing.)

3 - I've got a list of supplies to get to help tighten up the cracks and crevices. (I really hope I know what I'm doing.)

It's Celebrate the Small Things - Friday Blog Hop!!

I still don't know how to post all the links - oops!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

This year's Halloween costume

Wrapping up the week - bye bye October!

As a child trick or treating was the best thing. I wanted one more street to cruise. Please let me stay out longer! The community swimming pool  handed out Bazooka bubble gum every year. There wasn't anything at church - that was sacrilege, still. It was a common thing to use pillow cases to collect the haul - and that what it was. Every house on every street was ready. My parents waited at home to go through the goodies - not for safety reasons - my Mom loved chocolate and claimed it wasn't good for children to get too much. Thanks Mom!

Now days - a different story. What makes people think of all the devious ways to harm children? I call it blatant evil. It's just a play night. It's just candy. They're children. Stop harming them!

As you know Friday finds me watching airplanes land in my small, wannabe big town. There will be lots of children all dressed up - yes! It's great fun and it's safe. The airport overlook will be rocking this Friday. I hope I have enough bubble gum!

Meanwhile for those who wish - Friday is the "Celebrate the small things" bloghop. I'll be checking out what everyone is celebrating. Hopefully I will figure out how to post the linky tool this week(sigh). It helps you hop from blog to blog. We'll see.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Favorite

When I was seventeen my Mom gave me a copy of Kahlil Gibran's book, The Prophet.  She had to really. It seemed the only way she'd ever get her copy back. I devoured that book. Still today when I sit down with it there's something that speaks to me. It's always new, always fresh, and this is what I'd like to share with you today.

The veil that clouds your eyes shall be
lifted by the hands that wove it,
And the clay that fills your ears shall be
pierced by those fingers that kneaded it.

And you shall see.
And you shall hear.
Yet you shall not deplore having known
blindness, nor regret having been deaf.

For in that day you shall know the hidden
purposes in all things,
And you shall bless darkness as you
would bless light.

~ Kahlil Gibran

Do you have a favorite author?

A Corny Tale

It happened one Hallows Eve.  The wind was up, the stars twinkled, and the moon was a gold-ish orange. Along a forest path traveled three rather corny fellas. They were on their way to the store to purchase candy. One spoke to the the other two, "I don't know how we forgot to buy candy." The other two laughed as they continued the walk to town.

By and by noticing that children were following them, one spoke, " You know, they say we look just like candy corn?"  The other two laughed and laughed, and they continue walking along. When they arrived at the store one went in while the others stayed outside. The children began taunting them, acting as if they might take a bite out of them. The two were a bit shaken, but just in time the one came from the store and they hurried along.

Once at home they divided the candy into individual bags, snickering and giggling as they did. Pretty soon the doorbell rang, and as one opened the door the children screamed, "Trick or treat!" The three stood there beaming ready for the big give away.  "Oh look!" screamed one child, "It's the candy corn men. I hear they taste very good. Let's catch one and eat him."

Immediately the one fella yelled at the other two, "Hurry, throw the bags now!" Bags of candy went flying out the door, some hitting children, some hitting the ground, but one bag was caught by the trick or treat leader. Then the three fellas slammed the door.

The children were laughing hysterically, jumping up and down, singing, dancing, and then... their leader spoke, "Hey look at the bag you're holding!!" One by one each peered at the label which read, "Candy Children - taste great!" "Ahhhhh, " they all screamed, threw down their bags, and ran from the forest.

The three fellas opened the door and gathered the left behind bags. The one spoke, "That was easy. Come on, let's take our treats and go watch a movie."

Really? You read the post title, "A Corny Tale", and expected what? A treat?

Monday, October 27, 2014


I'm one of those people who hear can a word and a song comes to mind. I was over at Robin's blog, Your Daily Dose, where she had posted a musical video titled, "Automatic." Hmm? Automatic. No song came to mind; instead I thought back to the days of my Dad's old truck. It was a straight drive - three speed shift on the column... nothing about that old truck was automatic. However the song was now going to be attached to that word forever.

I wasn't a rebel teen but I was always in a hurry.  You couldn't speed shift in the that old Chevy. The shift rod would hang up and you'd be on the side of the road for a minute or two.  If my Dad told me told once, he told a thousand times, "Dixie, no speed shifting." But once in a while he'd see me sitting on the side of the road, waiting to jump out and jiggle the shift rod. You had to  put it in neutral, shut off the truck, pull the parking brake, pop the hood, jiggle the rod, and then climb in and crank that bad boy up. Dad would flash a big old smile, toot the horn, wave, and head on down the road... the whole time he'd be shaking his head. He knew I wasn't a rebel teen but I always in hurry.

In dedication to my Dad : October 28, 1930 - October 14, 2010. He'd be 84 this week!

Here you go...
Miranda Lambert, Automatic

Thanks Robin!
Your Daily Dose