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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Who's Complaining?

It's been so cold here this week. No snow, for which I'm thankful because so many are suffering under a deep blanket of white. Some have been visited with ice on top of it, or beforehand. So my complaint is not really about weather. As many know, because I have complained about having a pulled muscle in my leg, this has been an immobile type week. The cold has been there but I've been missing it, staying inside, nursing said muscle.

Today I felt pretty decent and thought to make a quick trip to the store. Alas, I'm out of peanut butter! As many of you know I do like to bake peanut butter cookies. This wonderful activity heats up the home front, as well as heat up every one's tummies! But... the van sits there and refuses to start. The battery has succumbed to the cold. Oh blast! No, not completely, but enough to make you say all the four letter words you promised in that "New Year's Resolution of 2010" not to use. Well, I'll start over with that in 2016.(smile)

The son of a friend arrived to rescue me! Yes, pulled up on his little scooter, plugged in a battery charger, maneuvered all the cords so the kitchen door completely shuts, and promptly left. I felt as if I'd witnessed a super hero... "get it, got it, good... done!" He advised he'll return shortly to inspect the charge and crank my van. I believe he will. So maybe I have no complaint after all.

I hope you have no complaints, today, either. But just in case... and since I'm not mobile in any fashion... I'll gladly listen. Go ahead... your turn.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things ~

I love this blog hop!
Each Friday, we post what we're celebrating - those small achievements for our week! Then we hop around other blogs, offering congratulations to other people.  And if everyone visits at least a few other blogs, we'll all have some congratulations.

Thank you to our sponsor and co-hosts!!

What am I celebrating?  

1 - I'm celebrating finding ice cream in my freezer. I pulled a leg muscle and thought I didn't have any chocolate - this works! And, no I don't actually put the ice cream on the muscle.

2 - Having the nicest God-daughter in the world. Monday is laundry day, but it was the same day I pulled the muscle. She took over, and I'm so celebrating having her help! (Thank you, Lisa!)

And, # 3 - I found my "Snowman hat." Send the snow - I'm ready!!!

I hope everyone has a fun celebration day. Thank you for hopping over here! And now ~  the linky vehicle we travel on... 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hello ~ music!

"Battle of The Bands" bloghop posted on my other blog on February 1st... The door is open to everyone!

You don't have to join this bloghop to vote for the song you like the best. Or vote for the song you hate the least. (smile).

I think there are 10 blogs participating, and you're invited to vote in every battle.

DCRELIEF ~ Battle of the Bands

Monday, February 2, 2015

Groungdhog's Shadow at 39% Accuracy?

The day we wait for every year. Groundhog's Day. Big doings in a large part of the world. But has the little fellow lost his touch after 200 years? Yes, it's true. Rumors, and a state to state survey determined that the groundhog's ability to predict more winter or an early spring is no longer effective. 

For the last several years his prediction accuracy rating has dropped to 39%. Indeed, we have placed our bets on the little fella for so long I suspect he may be one of the many suffering from PTSD - Punxsutawney (is) Tired (of) Shadow Day.

Beginning this year of 2015, the gathering of the Shadow Day will take place at the home of Kermit the Frog. He was officially asked to take Phil's place. When asked if he would serve, Kermit had this to say:

So on with the celebration... and a tune from that wonderful movie soundtrack, "Groundhog's Day." 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Love Month ~ really?

February is often called the love month. Yet It would seem, one day (the 14th) defines the entire mood of February, but does it? And don't you dare be single on that day, somehow avoiding the demand of commercialism that you must participate. You must have someone to give to, or you must have someone to give to you, lest you be thought of as "problematic." Ooh, there's a word. 

Let's talk about those who try to participate. Oh my, don't you know how to show love? Commercialism is there to assist with your every need, and don't be fooled - size counts. What says love more than a box of candy or some flowers. Commercialism reminds us: not just any candy, it must be Chocolate, and not just any flowers, but the glorious ROSE!  We're even told that if we dare miss the day - our loved one's disappointment or anger, is validated by Commercialism's warning of, "Told you so." We have no one to blame but ourselves. 

I think every day is an opportunity to give our love to our partner, our family, and our friends. And when so inclined, the real "rise to the occasion" is giving love to strangers. With that said, I hope to announce my new place of volunteer service soon. A place where I can give back to a broken world. I hope  being a volunteer is something you'll consider this year. There are so many areas of need.

I must admit that I always seem blow right past the 14th... why? (why not). Instead, at the end of the month, I descend upon the candy aisle with it's 90% discount. No one knows better than me, how to treat me. Of course I could also pick up some for you (smile).

But for those of you who like getting caught in the trap of the 14th... a video and the lyrics!

"Paying The Price Of Love"

How did you find there was somebody
More than you want me
I never understood
Maybe I have never had you
I have been lonely for you lately
I can't wait another day
And when you let me get you close to me
You run and leave me

Paying the price of love
The start of my end over you
When you're doin' it for someone
Who'll never be free
Now is all there will ever be

No more to live without you
All the nights I dream about you

Deep in the dark of the night
I'm a man on a mission
But safer with you home
Never would I make you sorry
You are the only drug I crave
And I've been saving everyday
I held it all inside, I pray
You don't forget you got me

Paying the price of love
My heart in my hands over you
But the battle is just not fair
You'll never be free
That emotion is always replaying

You know the strongest heart
Is broken when it falls
You turn and walk away
And let it die
I got this picture in my head
Of you in someone else's bed
And I am torn apart
I'm torn apart inside

I'll build my world around you
I was nothing when I found you
Paying the price of love

Paying the price of love
The start of my end over you
When you're doing it for someone
Who'll never be free
Now is all there will ever be

Paying the price of love
My heart in my hands over you
But the battle is just not fair
You'll never be free
That emotion is always replaying

the child, the Godmother, the cardinal ~

She was a very special friend of my Mom's. I decided to adopt her as my Godmother. Everyone else in my family had one. Why not me? My Mother was shocked at my boldness, but Audrey loved it. She was thrilled to be adopted. I was thrilled when she excepted.

She and my Godfather loved Cardinals. There must have been hundreds of little statues, towels, and all the usual extravagance of an avid collector. Gifts to each other were often something related to 'their' bird. In the year of his death, a tiny pair of earrings for her Valentine's, and a Red bird tie for his. He told her, "Whenever you see a Cardinal, know that I am near."

For eighteen years any time she had a worry, a Cardinal would appear and she'd say, "There's Bob; things will be okay." And indeed, they would be.

The day she passed I felt so alone... like a part of me went missing. I didn't realize the true closeness we'd come to know. Often that's the case. You don't know how much someone means until they're gone. At home from the funeral, I sat out in the gazebo, not focused on anything. Spring birds were all a-flutter... going for my feeders. But on the brick wall close by sat two lovely Cardinals - male and female. I remember thinking... it's Spring... why are they here? A warmth began traveling from my insides to my outsides. I knew why... and in that instant they flew away.

It's now been four years, and today would be her birthday... and often when I'm a bit worried, I see a female Cardinal perched nearby. It never leaves until I smile... and I can never hold back.(smile)

~ a poem for Audrey ~

I was only six years old when you were were twenty-nine.
We soon began a happy voyage with waves that marked our time.
You became the 'godmother,' and I was thrilled to be,
a part of life that gave you joy, like joy you gave to me.

Then off you went to higher plane, while I remained on ground.
When morning birds begin their day I listen to their sound.
Your voice is often calling me, reminding of our love.
That's when I see your cardinal, perched in the tree above.

(Say 'hello' to Bob.)