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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In less than a heartbeat

In less than a heartbeat I took this photo not knowing how it would turn out. A split-second in time as the wind blew the snow sideways. It traveled down my coat collar threatening to end my trek out. It was so cold but too beautiful to ignore.

The subject was supposed to be a simple grey squirrel. He was smarter than I and scurried up the tree away from the strongest wind. That placed him on the other side of the tree. Do you see a squirrel? Neither do I; he was smarter and faster than my digital camera!

When I viewed the photo later I was greatly surprised. It has a look of having been ‘brushed’ by something. An almost ‘gauzy’ veil overlay the scene. It is the snow; tiny flakes so fast and carried in multi-directions, simultaneously that produces the effect.

In that moment I was transported back in time. Again I felt the snow, the wind, and awe of seeing simple beauty. Again I felt the rush of childhood and the excitement that a perfect snow brings; perfect because it felt magical. It felt perfect because the child within me rejoiced.