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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Update and Vacation for July

My last post stated I would be seeing a neurologist on June 24th. Well, that happened, and there's bad news and good news. 

Here's the bad news. The stroke I mentioned during a previous post actually happened last fall - some eight months ago now. My regular MD thought all of my issues were caused by a vitamin D deficiency. However, once my D level returned to normal, the issues had still not completely cleared. I went for an MRI, which showed evidence of a stroke.

The neurologist questioned why it took so long for me to have an appointment with him - eight months! I didn't have an answer; I think he might want to contact my regular MD, and I told him that. At this point in time the only thing to do, regarding this event, is to go for physical evaluation and therapy. I hoping to regain strength and usage of my left hand, arm, and more stability in walking. So July will be filled with lots of appointments for therapy.

Meanwhile, as a preventive measure, I have to have other tests, as ordered by the neurologist. An echo cardiogram, and CT scan are scheduled this month as well.
This may sound crazy, but I was so relieved to hear this news. It could have been so much worse. Thoughts of other illnesses or situations were stressful, even though I tried to remain calm and positive. I'm sure you understand. To me this is good news.

I've been absent from this blog so much but I've tried to keep up with my joke blog and my Battle of the Bands blog. I'm taking a vacation from all three blogs for the month of July. My health is the focus. Thank you for your patience, kind words, and positive thoughts. I will try to visit everyone even though I won't post this month. 

Thank you!