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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Who can afford the outfits?

A friend is trying to convince me that dance is the ultimate exercise. Okay, sure, I love 'shagging at the beach.' But no - she's speaking of going barefoot, ankle bracelets with bells, and long flowing dresses.

Can you say - disaster? I can, and I'd be one jump away from busting my tail.

She contends it's low impact exercise. I looked into her idea for my life and had one simple question:

Who can afford the outfits? 

Bells, whistles, glitter, rhinestones, and of course, gauze or silk materials that are flow-y!

I'm thinking the greatest impact would be to my wallet. She's not listening, and instead sent me video. "Here - watch this and start out moving like her." I'm in trouble.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Mural time

These colors are so bright and lively. My neighbor will be painting her bedroom this turquoise color. I'll come in and do the tree. Together we'll make the long drapes. The hard part has been locating the fabric for the ottomans. I think a zebra print would be fine; she's not 100% on that. Time will tell. Either way, I start the tree next week,

For me, this is almost a hobby. Do any of you take on projects like this?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

School ~ daze and confused

This reminds me of the time my younger brother 'borrowed' my high school term paper. He was in ninth grade and decided to make my paper shorter. He reduced the amount of information, (thinking?) it might, more resemble, the work of a ninth grader. Okay. Then he had the nerve to get mad, because the paper I originally wrote received an A+ . 'His' brought him a B+.

Did stuff like this ever happen to you?

a lazy evening with the moon

Photo by
J. McCauley


Neighbor's photo...Monday's moon.
I watched it's flight.
A-glow in light.
Feeling good... feeling a mosquito(!)

~ Back to my studio.

Prep the canvas... daily painting.
I hear a song.
Aches are gone.
Limber muscles...limber mind.

~A lazy evening with the moon.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to bear an illness

Hello everyone... anyone?

Teddy, and I are moving past a long spell of exhaustion. Hopefully we'll make a schedule that includes blogging. We've missed everyone!

The chart shows a lot about our main issue. We also discovered I have a huge sensitivity to electronics, and electrical things. My constant research of things on the computer puts me at risk. Imagine that? But if you think about the human brain and the use of chemicals to send electrical impulses to other parts of the body - it's not a far stretch to see the connection.

Maybe I'll write more on this another time. For now, I'm eager to come visit your blogs! It seems like I've been gone forever.