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Friday, June 22, 2012

"Britain's Got Talent"

According to my photographer who hasn't been seen for days ~ Britain's got talent. Hm, and where could he be? Occasionally I'll get a text message: "Traveling incognito; will send more photos as soon as I find my camera; ta-ta's."

This photo has a time date stamp of May 24, 2012. I suppose you can imagine my frantic search? After all we're now about 35 days away from opening ceremonies. It might help if I knew where this photo was taken. I'd call and say: I'm looking for a man lying on the ground, possibly drooling himself silly. Would you please see if there's anyone who fits that description and call me back?

Please, and thank you!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

God looks different to me ~

I've gazed into the skies and tried thinking like an atheist.
Swirling masses of dust are formed into things of beauty;
Leaving me wondering why science touts with clenched fist ~
That God must bow down to rules of their duty.

Yet~ God looks different to me.
I see the stars He formed and recognize a childhood treasure.

Yes~ God looks different to me.
I see in Him the things that always give me pleasure.

I've gazed into the eyes of a precious newborn child.
Toes and fingers are counted, and yes, there are two ears!
The petrie dish is given credit, notes are made, reports are filed.
Yet I still see His spirit as the child grows through the years.

*For those who have children ~ Happy Fathers Day!