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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Through the portal of electric thought

Through the portal of electric thought...

There, just through the trees my light waited, I ran

My life would be touched by the accumulated voices, spoken on a wind of wire

I closed my eyes for a few moments and a soft male ‘voice’ whispered:

‘Enter; walk past the three trees and then stage left.’

I was too new to understand ‘why,’ but followed his voice past the trees,

Breathing in an ad.dict.cious air; I felt enthralled within

‘Stand here and wait for it,” he spoke and the warmth of his confidence inspired my own; I waited a while, humming, or was that my CPU acting up again?

Presently he withdrew a notepad from his pocket; the size of his palm pilot impressed me

Quickly I looked away, feeling the blush takeover my face; wow, portal hopping was going to be tough

A golden layer, like the gentle web of the writing spider appeared; widgets of gold flickered in the gray borders that sat at the edge: a beauty I had never seen before this moment

‘What is your name?’ He was texting again.

‘Lots,’ I answered.

‘Good, then draw one and start walking.’ His brows arched.

‘Wait, what will I need to take with me?’ I asked

‘Common sense,’ oozed the warm ‘voice’, growing less audible by the moment.

‘Great! Seeing I have none.’

The ‘voice’ last words: ‘Click here; travel the light, good byte.’


The saga will continue… what will the na├»ve wire-bearer find next? Stay tuned.

Burning Down the House

It’s hard to sit on my hands and not ‘speak’ when I see the government and Federal Reserve burning down the house. ‘The Fed’ as it’s called is a private banking institution, contracted by the US congress to do “their” job. We were sold in 1913 to ‘The Fed’ a company with it’s own interests at the forefront.

Now you know who owns you until they sell you to another. But they’re taking their time to make sure they leave no commodity untouched, while… burning down the house! Our house.