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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Autumn and then...

Walking; the cold wind cuts through the trees;
the chill threatens to stop my adventure
but I am on my way, kicking leaves aside,
my smiles directed at the sky.

It's still Autumn; 
Winter wants to surprise me.

Standing; the cold wind commands the leaves
to fall as if a slow snow, accumulating in drifts.
Each move I make, crunch, crunch, crunch;
I am a child once more.

It's still Autumn;
Winter wants to surprise me.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November Thoughts & Stuff

My studio window faces my backyard. There is so much life there and I am blessed to see its existence.  Just last week an 8 point buck stared back at me for ten minutes. At the same time he watched his mate standing at my gazebo nibbling on hydrangea leaves. Beautiful creatures and I felt privileged to be allowed the view. One of those times I'm reminded to get my camera back on line.

Are you in awe of leaves that seem to change colors daily? Certainly this time of year finds me staring out the window to see what's new. Then there's the often copulating chipmunks. I can't help but notice when I'm watching the leaves fall like a snow storm. And when it's not them, there are squirrels doing the nature thing too. "Oh look, there's a purple leaf, and oh my goodness... is this the third time for that squirrel?" I'd almost think the leaves are blushing.

"Thanksgiving" is upon us and I want to stay home; travel and arm (injury) are not in sync yet. I'm one of those people who like to drive myself when I can on holidays. Then I don't find myself at the mercy of some one's time schedule. Are you like that?

As usual I'll watch the very early "Macy's Day Parade" live, from New York City. I'll still be listening for the phone to ring and hear my Mom say: "Hey did you see that float? You gotta see this float? Go look and call me back."  If the phone rings I know it won't be her, (being deceased some 15 years). But don't think that this gets me down or depressed; just the opposite as I realize those times are engraved upon my heart. No one can ever take them away.

Gee, on Friday is my birthday. I'm getting older. I'm thinking to visit the park nearby me and see how the trees there are looking. I hope the little red fox is still alive and living there. The best gift is downtime with nature for a companion. HB to me!

I do hope whatever you are doing this week or perhaps celebrating this week, you'll have joy, peace and love surrounding you.  Time to read more blogs. Many blessing wished to my blogging pals. Bye for now ~