Stripping away the rose colored glasses of denial concerning my reality. Getting in touch with truth. Reaching out to others in empathy concerning their reality and their walk to truth.

Friday, July 18, 2008

What brings you home?

What brings you home? What compels you to stop your daily rush and seek rest? Do you believe in taking time out to rejuvenate the body and mind? Or do you just run on and on until exhaustion catches up with you and bids you put down your head? What brings you home?

The KJV1611 version says that man IS a soul… not that man HAS a soul; big difference. So those commercials of tropical or mountainous vacations offering tranquility for you: mind, body, and soul are a bit understated now. So it’s just as important that you take the opportunity of resting from daily grind and feed your soul; your entire essence.

What path leads you to discover that charity is the best gift you can give to your self. Yes, sharing what you have with others brings a wealth of treasure into your heart. Oh, but how often do I hear: “I don’t have anything to share?” Don’t you? Or do you allow your fear of not having enough discourage you from giving?

Is there a light in your life that keeps you from judging what the other guy thinks is important? If you disagree with the way he lives do you pray for him anyway? Or is prayer something you only turn to when things are tough? Or is prayer a bunch of hooey and you’d rather think that you control the universe? What light are you following?

I don’t have the answers you seek because they are yours to seek. I can stand by and tell you what I found, but unless you are open to what I have to share, it is futile to proceed. Indeed you will come, only, when you’re dissatisfied with your own answers. Until then I am another person in the world who is here… simply here. I am always looking just like you for things to make my life better; things I can use to help other people make their life better. And when we all live with each other in mind…the light that brings us home will truly lead us home.

Asian Lover

An Asian land in smoky mist
My open hand becomes a fist
I am powerless to dare resist
All thy beauty I would list

I give control to every place
My loftiness shows on my face
Oh Asian charm from thee is grace
Your maple leaves resemble lace

Yet you would leave me all alone
And there’s no one to call my own
I sought to make your land my home
But left to venture and to roam

An Asian land in smoky mist
Regard the hand that makes this fist
Return the love at twilight’s tryst
Renew the vow I can’t resist

Feeling Small Yet?

With all the borrowing that the government has been doing, who owns us? Really, think about it. If we defaulted on the loans we’ve received, who would could come in and start claiming property? Which country holds more of our debt? Are you feeling small yet?

New laws have been passed that would appear to keep us safe from outside forces; foreign intelligence is laughing. The new laws could just as easily put the citizens of this country into jail cells, while the foreigners come in and purchase the home you no longer own. Are you feeling small yet?

Okay, who are the foreigners? From the top of my head I’d say they are people who have not chosen to become American citizens. What about dual citizenship; belonging to two countries? I think that is one of the most unfair practices we’ve ever allowed here; surely the favorite country will have its best interest looked at first and America is last. Why must America be last? Are you feeling small yet?

Countries all over the world supposedly envy us. Maybe they’re paying bigger taxes than I am. I am taxed on everything and that is not freedom, but a misconception of “paying for what you want.” Make no mistake there are things I want no part of and yet I still have to fork over the tax because I’m not free to say “no”.

Sometimes I think that Britain and the elite of Europe shipped all the rejects here and then proceeded to indoctrinate us on “being a great country.” Of course it went to my head and I’m thinking: “hey, I’m really in the best country in the world.” But then they have to control your government by making all of these laws that squeeze you out of participation. They bring in the Federal Reserve which does not answer to this country since it is privately owned; they can pretty much do as they like. Oh the Feds are a bit unhappy right now because their lies have come home to roost and we must finally play and pay catch up as the economy hands us the bills for their indiscretions. Are you feeling small yet? I am.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Precious Pandas

In this world we need to remember that all creatures have rights. Personally I have a dislike for people who hunt animals for pure sport. I mean take up baseball for Pete's sake and leave the animals alone.

But the hunters have now forced the hands of zoo keepers to try and save a species before the hunters wipe them out. After living in the wild who wants to live in a zoo?

I often wonder what these hunters would do if we developed a zoo for them? Make them endangered and ship them off to a land they've never seen or been to...huh? Too bad they can't have a taste of their own medicine, so to speak. Let's give "law of the jungle" a tweak. Please respect all life.

We'll always remember Bill

Bill was fourteen years old and his owners were giving him up because they had two very small children; Bill rarely got their attention any more. He lived in a small laundry room and learned to how to say, "Leave the light on," because he hated to be by himself in there, in the dark. The owners claimed he learned the sentence from the girls. Just the same, once he came to live with us, we never let him be in the dark by himself.

Caring for Bill was like taking care of 2-3 year old. He was smart but had really suffered from less human companionship over the last few years. The first thing we did was open his cage, which we called, "Bill's house." We wanted him to be able to move around freely as our other two birds did. It took us over two weeks to coax him into coming out. In the end we had to bait him with sunflower seeds, which he dearly loved. He'd follow you anywhere for a sunflower seed.

Around nineteen years old he really began to have difficulty moving about. Trips to the bird doctor were not encouraging. In fact the doc was really surprised that Bill had lived so long, and told us to prepare ourselves for Bill's final leaving. A month before he turned twenty years old, Bill passed on to that big sky above, or that's the way we like to think. Somewhere in the back of my mind I hoped he would be flying in the heavens, though we never clipped his wings, he never knew he could fly. The last word he learned was "sweet" from one of our niece's the weekend before his passing on Monday. So like Bill to get the best out of the weekend even if it was his last! He was sweet! We'll always remember Bill.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Elections are Coming

I've been practicing my Die bold skills! Yep, need to be ready to pull the lever for the candidate I want and head out the door.

It's not easy knowing so little about the candidates. I mean, really, I know so little; their voting record says one thing at times when they are speaking something else. Oh well, isn't that just like life in the good old USA?! Do we ever really mean what we say?

Ha; this time I'm trying to learn everything but most importantly, "what can I do to make my country a better place?" There will lots of other names to vote in or out... this could take more time than I planned. A quick run to the store for more cheese ought to get me through the next four months. Four Months!! Think about it; in four months somebody will be telling us something new. Unless we have a boo-boo catastrophe and the white house stays the same. Help!

Just the same, please make the time to look at the people you want to represent you in this country. Are you happy with the congress? Are you happy with the house of representatives? Look to see who'll be voted on at the same time that the presidential vote takes place. Until then, grab a helmit and come on over. Me: 1 Die bold : 2

I need His peace

Often what I hear is "location, location, location," and I suppose you need to know what your location is for: business, living, recreation, but I am looking for that perfect spot for reflection.

Each of us would benefit with time away from the "busy-ness" of the world to reflect on how we are doing. If you have a higher power, this could be a great place to "meet" the power and discuss the things you need to just "be".

The thing that I like about this photo is the ocean and the always calm feeling when I'm there. I hear the roar of the waves and know they are bigger than me, and yet they continue to come into shore and often lull me to peace. Is there anything in the business world that can lull me to peace? Absolutely not... and why is that?

In the world I have to always stand guard over my rights, over my property, over the thinking that keeps me headed in my path. It's a major discernment of which voice do I listen to. I have to practice acceptance of rules, regulations, and man-made laws that "tell me they're good for me," or else they'll take my life and throw it in a jail cell. Within the world there are many countries and even more rules; can anyone stop the spinning of the world and let me get off?

So lest the world try to lull me into a sense of peace I look for a place to meet my higher power and listen to His voice. Only His strength will help me remain calm in the day's trouble. Only His vision is accurate and tells me what I'm really seeing. Only His arms comfort me when I feel lost among the many locations, locations, locations of turmoil. And His grace lulls me when the day is done and I need peace... His peace.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Tender Arms

Ease and comfort we do share
Beside the other in your lair

Watchful are you every day
Help my life become what may

Sword to guard and chase the fool
Away from me just like a tool

Warm air circles as I sleep
Dragon's breath soft and sweet

Never go too far away
Keep me near is what I pray

Skin to skin we rest awhile
Morning brings a secret smile

I will live with creature charms
And offer up my tender arms

Time to take that cruise

Sometimes things are just too hot.
Lots of news to feel sorry over.
No answers come along.
Just read one bad story after another.
I'm writing in a form like a poem.
I don't feel like hearing rhyme.
Psychological war all around us.
Just there to beat us down.
My van cost lots to fill with gas.
I don't go anywhere any more.
Candidates are debating issues they already have answers to.
They just forgot to share their ideas with the public.
I grabbed my bathing suit and a hoodie.
Packed some sandwiches and drinks.
I may be gone a while.
Time to take that cruise.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ode to my gas pump: satire?

This little song is just for you
I wrote it out when I was blue
It never fails to stop or stump
My little ode to my gas pump

To fill her up or let her go
A quarter tank is just too low
My grocery list is getting dumped
By the needs of my little gas pump

Our favorite Bush reversed the ban
No where’s safe: ocean or the land
One small gift from commander chump
Who brought about the high-priced slump

One day soon I’ll take my song
Play for people who wait so long
The price has hit us in the rump
All join in: “ode to my gas pump”

Wall and more walls

Sometimes I get down right disgusted… and disgruntled over countries, including the one I live in, that claim they that don’t interfere with internal issues of another country. That usually translates into: “We have an agreement to look the other way.” And that’s exactly what’s happening to the citizens of Darfur. Oh USA, oh China, oh Sudan, and all you other pious countries that allow genocide to rule instead of life. Do you think this will be your only “taste” of death?

No one seems to be paying much attention to a possible boycott… and I understand: “Why should the athletes be punished for their governments’ failings in helping to secure peace for Darfur or any other region that is currently suffering from occupation?”

I was surprised and angry when my own government sent goods and supplies to Burma recently with stipulating conditions. What has happened to us? When did we become so greedy and manipulative? And yet the majority of citizens I spoke with were greatly surprised that “our aid” would be refused because we too often pull the “self-interest card.”

It is said over many internet sites that China furnishes Sudan with weapons, and most recently offered finances for a new palace. But they can’t find time to talk about the needs of Darfur, and trying to influence Sudan to ease up the battle? Then I’m thinking there’s something behind the scenes that I haven’t found yet.

I did find out that practically all Christian villages in Darfur, have been burned to the ground. Now that would be a good reason for China not to interfere; their dislike of Christianity is not hidden. And I’m perplexed as to why the American Christians are not sending aid. But I did read that most shipments were intercepted by the Sudanese militia… so have we reached an attitude of “why bother?”

The Olympics in Beijing, China runs August 8-24, 2008. Darfur is planning to have a team there. I’m personally hoping they win every event they place in. Maybe that will knock down a few walls.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long Ago Flower

Long ago flower you gave us our lead
As the first of the blossoms that opened indeed
Your fragrance was strong, each nostril would flair
To inhale your scent that remained in the air

Bewildering color so rich and so soft
Gave rise to the spirit, it sent us a loft
Your petals now fade and crack at the edge
The last bit of beauty invites love’s sweet hedge

Your graced my long locks for the special event
When dancing was done your beauty was spent
I wish I could keep you from ruin and decay
And not have to pick another this day

Comedy or Tragedy

Do you remember the Michael Jackson song that said, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror; I’m asking him to change his ways”? Well that’s what entered my mind as I read about Bernie Mac at the Chicago event for Senator Barak Obama. Mr. Mac’s moment on stage was not as well received as anticipated. Since the event we hear that the Obama campaign has stated their objections and distance from the ill-received performance. I understand that Mr. Mac’s appearance was a surprise and that makes it more difficult for the crowd, paying $2300 per seat, to accept.

The zeal of some people to “sound” politically correct; to “associate” their opinions as those that are appropriate, means we all take a hit to freedom of speech every time. How do we avoid this misguided zealousness? And it is misguided; many are simply too captured by “how polite it seems to hold hands and pretend to sing together”. Okay, let’s do four verses of “Kum Bah Yah.”

I don’t think some material is appropriate when you’re having a family event, but if things were not worked out before the event, then laying complete blame at Bernie Mac’s feet is more inappropriate. It was up to the campaign event director to indicate what content would be acceptable for the Chicago event. Alas, it has come down to the scrutinizing of the words we speak or plan to speak. Senator Obama, in the end, asks Bernie to “clean up his act”, while at the same time, reassuring his friend that there was no initial harm meant; an absence of malice, if you will. Nothing gained, nothing lost?

Jackson executes a quick turn on the stage, performs several pelvic thrusts to the delight of the preteen and teenage audience, grabs his hat to pull down over his head and belts, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror; I’m asking him to change his ways..”

We don’t hear much from Michael these days; maybe he did change that man in the mirror. I know my mirror has reflected back many issues for me to deal with, so looking at Michael or Bernie shows me that my own freedom of speech is under question. And that if need be my friends and associates will distance themselves as well. If the celebrity world can no longer speak freely, then the “private, lesser citizens” are next.