Stripping away the rose colored glasses of denial concerning my reality. Getting in touch with truth. Reaching out to others in empathy concerning their reality and their walk to truth.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Ribbon Walk

I went out early to walk to the park. Further than I have any business walking to, but largely 'impressive' to those who know me, (haha). Alas I would have you, my true blue blogger pals, know the trick behind this treat. Meanwhile, once I discovered I'd have to walk a half mile to get there, I became scared. Ooh, what if someone ran me down on the highway... what would I do? Yes, I know, I might darn near lay there bleeding to death. Worse still the impact might crush my bag of “Cheetos” @R. The birds would flock over my head, encircling my bag and squawk, “let go of the bag, lady.” (Oh bother). Well nothing so dramatic happened; I drove my van to the little parking lot. Jumped out with the energy of a spry 50 year old, (haha). Took in a deep breathe of the wondrous air and began choking and coughing. After seeing all the birds awake and fly off, I settled down for a nice pace through the woods... and that delicious trail called “The Ribbon Walk”. (Don't ask me, as I've no idea why it's called that.) The light was just ahead upon the trail, and I knew the happy moment was in my sight. I put my little ace-ladder chair on the ground... sat down, and focused the old digital camera. I pressed the button that says, “T” for telephoto... and my picture tells the rest of the story! (No, I did't walk that far... what about bears and stuff? What about ticks falling from the trees? What about the jacket I left in the van?) It was great! Thanks, Dixie

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autumn scent

I love the smell of the leaves
in the Autumn as they fall
as they die. I watch the wind give them flight, then
land on the ground.
Resting with a crunching sound.

Leaves carried north, carried south,
and swarming 'round my feet, as
a faint fireplace in the distance
gives scent to burning wood.
The two scents blend and it feels good.

Thanks you, Dixie

Monday, November 14, 2011

It occupies my time~

Every morning I go to my special desk where I write articles for the blog. Sometimes I eek out a poem or two. Before you know it I'm looking around the yard, through the window, and my mind becomes occupied by the tasks I want to do. I close my notebook and head to the yard with gloves in hand. Even when it rains I want to be outside.

My blessing is 1.20 acres of land. There's room for a full size garden. There's a large forest and I've been through it; it's wonderful with every tree you can imagine. There's a gazebo where the squirrels climb on top to let me know who's the boss! From the very high pinnacle they shake their bushy tails as if to say: "We've got this covered, move along!"

I've a list that needs doing before winter and I'm working hard to get it done. Most of it is a lot of fun. Keep me in your prayers or meditations.

Thank you, Dixie