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Saturday, August 11, 2012

no mystery here

Could it be...

...modern day blimps?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Almost... Time to say... la-la-la

Almost... time to say goodbye...
...but first there's the weekend events to drive us wild!

My four years of my life, and (&^%) years of Dixie's life... and neither of us know the words to the song for the Olympic closing ceremony. Do you know the real lyrics to this song?
We are not addressing those who speak Italian; you already know! We are addressing those who would like to learn it. Then you can sing along come this Sunday. Unfortunately that's closing time... we'll get to that subject later. Enjoy!

~ Alistair Cookie

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Goal tending

Oh why haven't I thrown around the total golds, silvers and bronzes of the US team? Where is that old time Yank arrogance? Come on you know... every red bloodied American wants  to beat everyone! It's not that I'm disinterested in medals; I find it meddlesome to worry about  the count. My approach has been very different.

The Olympic experience is so large, yet many countries do not attend for various reasons. Still there is no reason why we cannot cheer on the greatest athletes sent to challenge themselves. Yes, that is their greatest challenge. Only 'the rule' and 'corporate thug-bunnies' make it obscene. My goal has been to applaud every person who crosses a finish line, a balance beam,  a judo throw, a jumping horse, a vollied ball, and many, many other accomplishments.  After all I am here for the spectator's table seat. What these athlete's bring to the table is hard work  and desire. Most are grateful to qualify to attend. Should, couldn't, wouldn't I be too? I think so.

For this post I thank the host for the most fun, so far!!

Lost narrator; 27 inches tall; 37 pounds...

The previous message we received from Alistair Cookie, esquire and great narrator, was from the Equestrian Event. He rubbed elbows with the 'Royals,' hob-nobbed with the Rolling Stones, got the autograph of Sir Paul McCartney, and was dazzled by the tiny grand-daughter the of Olympic Ceremony's Director.

His latest dispatch was delivered by a wayward pizza-guy who road a glorious bike, wore a spectacular helmet, and displayed "GBR" on a white placard pinned to his chest. Like a boomerang in Australia, he flipped a smallish envelope into the air, turning seven times and lightly touching down upon the ground. What now? 

Dear dcrelief Olympic Reporting Team:

My dear tiny friend has invited me to the mall. Not that I enjoy window shopping but she promises it to be more exciting that the 88th ride of "The London Eye." Whatever it is, it is free, and that's for me! Besides she has cookies... I think I'm in love.

Oh well, if you've seen one mall you've probably seen them all. I'll let you should I come across any sales. Got to go, our bikes are here. Must be a big mall if it requires a bike to get around. Ta-ta & toodles. ~Al.

Can't wait to hear how the shopping went!(smile) Seriously, have the London stores and businesses been busy there? I'm hoping it boosts the economy!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Full House

Though I wasn't schooled in all of the athletic skills that occurred here, I found myself amazed by the sheer determination of the competitors. And still there are continuing daily. I hope some of my blog pals got to see some of the events; it would be nice to have some inside knowledge.

Meanwhile, Alistair is heaps in love; we may never see him until the closing, if even then. The cameraman... I believe I've informed you of his taking up and off with the Brazilian Volleyball Team; we're reasonably sure it was the women's team.

And me? So many things to see... I'll let the pictures explain what I'm ignorant of.(smile).

Is it just me, or does this photo resemble a whale's mouth about to swallow the viewers? And a giant blowhole. I think I must be tired or daft. What do you see?

Winlock & Mandeville

According to 'legend' they came from the last girder placed in the Olympic Stadium. They represent two tiny drops of steel. Is that for real? 2012's mascots for the London Olympics and Para-Olympics.


The flying squirrel

Sunday, August 5, 2012