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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lost narrator; 27 inches tall; 37 pounds...

The previous message we received from Alistair Cookie, esquire and great narrator, was from the Equestrian Event. He rubbed elbows with the 'Royals,' hob-nobbed with the Rolling Stones, got the autograph of Sir Paul McCartney, and was dazzled by the tiny grand-daughter the of Olympic Ceremony's Director.

His latest dispatch was delivered by a wayward pizza-guy who road a glorious bike, wore a spectacular helmet, and displayed "GBR" on a white placard pinned to his chest. Like a boomerang in Australia, he flipped a smallish envelope into the air, turning seven times and lightly touching down upon the ground. What now? 

Dear dcrelief Olympic Reporting Team:

My dear tiny friend has invited me to the mall. Not that I enjoy window shopping but she promises it to be more exciting that the 88th ride of "The London Eye." Whatever it is, it is free, and that's for me! Besides she has cookies... I think I'm in love.

Oh well, if you've seen one mall you've probably seen them all. I'll let you should I come across any sales. Got to go, our bikes are here. Must be a big mall if it requires a bike to get around. Ta-ta & toodles. ~Al.

Can't wait to hear how the shopping went!(smile) Seriously, have the London stores and businesses been busy there? I'm hoping it boosts the economy!


  1. If at The Mall pop in and see the Queen at Buckingham Palace. She could probably do with someone to look after the corgis as I hear she's still pretty exhausted from her time with James Bond.

    As for the London shops and stores, they say business is down - considerably!

  2. Not only did Alistair meet the corgis; he blew it when the guard announced, "Here's the Queen." Alistair answered, "Oh! Mum loves their music!"

    Unfortunately we had the same experience with local businesses. Hate to hear that, Mike.


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