Stripping away the rose colored glasses of denial concerning my reality. Getting in touch with truth. Reaching out to others in empathy concerning their reality and their walk to truth.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flocking for help

"They" say, experience makes the fella. It certainly turned out that way for me this week. I've had two very long days working with a helpful organization. (7 a.m. - 4 p.m.) I admit I approached the task with a bit of apprehension. I don't want to say that I felt it beneath my status to be there, but I really did, at first. Nothing and no one could have prepared for the joy I walked away with, from those two days. (If you're bored, leave now.)

(Most of you know that I was hospitalized seven times between April and August.) 

Okay so I got behind in my power bill. Yes electricity is one of my most favorite things to have around and ON. Literally I was backed into a corner of borrowing, stealing, selling my first born child, or seeking this helpful organization. Oh golly gee yes! I needed help. What? Yes, poor little dcrelief was sadly inundated with medical bills and cruising toward broke. 

Here's the real "meat" of my story: I had the extreme pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people in the world there. Gosh - we were all broke, devastated by the economy, or running out of children to sell. One minute I was talking with an 87 year old woman, raising four grandchildren, and the next, talking with a 24 year old, fresh out of prison, who wanted to attend art school. On and on it went, meeting, talking, and/or sharing the fears of America's future. Our future!

It was the first time in almost 20 years since I had been there... remarkably things were the same. Same method of herding the long line of sheeple into the help zone. But while we stood, a massive line of some 400 people, we began to connect. It was awesome! It didn't matter whether you'd lost everything or barely holding onto the little you had... we connected. Rich, middle-class, poor, and indigent... we connected because in one way or another, we needed help.

Because there were so many of us, many of us had to return the next day. So I found myself part of a large group spending the two days together, in expectation. We even began to applaud for each other as our names were called to come forward.( "Hey, hey, hey; you'll be out of here soon!") I just wish I could help my readers absorb the good naturedness of it all. Some might say: "This then, is America." To me that's not even an issue. To me,  this is what I want the world to be like. Hugging goodbye, blessing each other, and really wanting to see each other again... no words do it justice.

Strangely I had a brilliant idea...hmm? Maybe I will go once a month or so and hang out. Hopefully I won't need the help again. I sure did learn lots of things that I might have otherwise waited a lifetime to experience. For once I felt like a "people-person"; someone hanging out just to get to know people. I'd almost forgotten why I was there until my name was called. Tears were in the eyes of a few of us as we waved goodbye.

Thank you for reading this post. A long but necessary rendering of how humanity can exist. It's a choice.

Monday, September 10, 2012

What month is this?

September is for grooming
all the witches come to strut  ~
and the loathesome ogres grunt
when the wolves begin to hunt
and their teeth show wicked white
as they pant for blood at night.

September is for dwelling
in sacred shadows, dark  ~
the cackling of the witches
doth hold the ogres in stiches
when wolves begin to scream
the moon reveals their dream.

September is for resting
for the hallowed night is near  ~
thou witch of silvery voice
with ogres and wolves, of course
shall call the skulls to rise
to be the night time's eyes.

Coming to a theatre nearby  ~

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Paralympics Closing Ceremony

All reviews I read have praised the Paralympics. My heart really wanted to be able to watch them up close and personal. Hopefully the next one will be given the same focus and attention as the regular Olympics. But it's NBC for USA... time will tell.

Please share if you were able to go to any event. Or did you get to watch it all? Share, share, and share!

Prepare yourselves

Yes, almost that scary time of year again. And no, it has nothing to do with the America Presidential election. Although I could place a few in the bushes to ward off the campaign volunteers knocking on my door, asking: "Are you registered to vote? Would you like for us to vote for you?"

That's right... don't even open the door. Four years ago they already knew my name, my home phone and cell numbers, where my secret diary was, and why I like red drawers.(Shh, I just had to let them vote for me last time, as I couldn't remember where my diary was.)(smile)

At my home there's certainly no shortage for cardboard rolls; half a dozen in a three day stretch. I know your thoughts! You might want to order some from me. Just enough to place in the bushes to frighten your own choice spooks. Yes, Halloween, here in the states... and maybe... coming to a town near you!!

There's no charge for the rolls, but the postage will make you think twice. So sit on your throne and reflect on what you need. Gives new meaning to: "I'm at your disposal."