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Saturday, April 27, 2013

the fruit of the tree

Busy time in my yard! The big tree is finally unfolding into such spectacular objects of desire. Who could say "no" to this really smart wooden sofa?

It's been a long time for the tree lying across my front lawn. Lots of people have hauled away load after load of logs for firewood. Many a fireplace burned this past winter with the treasure from my home. Eventually an 80 ft. long trunk was left and ... "what to do, what to do?" Answering my advertisement for "free wood," Peter the tree artist called me up! And look what he does for a living!

It will cost me if I decide to have him carve or build anything for me; such a hard decision, and who knew it would come to this? I figure at the $ rate of the pieces... I can afford a small wooden plate, maybe. Amazing, this fruit of the tree!