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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dwelling:  as in a habitat or residence... and dwelling: to ponder or focus one's attention on a subject. Therefore it was quite interesting to find I was dwelling on my dwelling. I'm not unique in this, no certainly not, but the solutions to my dwelling needs took some serious dwelling time to find what I needed... to dwell in peace.

Within two weeks I've been sent two roommates! You know me and my mantra: "God supplies all my needs." The Creator and I had had a couple of conversations about how I could show more love toward the people in my community. I didn't hear any voices... didn't see any burning bushes... but still I felt my Creator had the best answer. Oh sure I was getting a bit angry because I thought it was taking too long to find any solutions... I'm human and my will wants even when it's not time to receive. I think most people lose patience at times too, just like me.

The first roommate arrived and had a limited cash flow. She's a student and relies on a scholarship. So we agreed to subsidize her rent funds with household chores and food stamps. A great pairing of ideas and a peaceful existence has been found for both of us.

The second roommate is a young male who plays in a band and needs quiet time during the day to sleep. He was able to offer the complete cash flow needed. He also receives free laundry and food. After a week here he says he is quite happy.

So all my dwelling led to the acceptance of other people dwelling here. I had complete cable television and internet put in all rooms. Everyone uses the same laundry shoot; clothes are delivered back to their rooms within a day. Most importantly I find I have love for these two people and am very glad they came my way; and they think they are the lucky ones!

That's what has been happening behind the scenes at my dwelling. Have you been dwelling on something that needs a solution?