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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another little place to cherish

When I count the number of times I’ve moved I feel sad to have invested time only to lose it later. Yet when I count the reasons for leaving each place, moving to another little place, I know I did what I thought best for me. So again I shall be moving to another little place.

Arrangements are incomplete like most things in my life. I have eight projects but I’m actively working on three of the eight. This past weekend I picked a project for fun; pure, simple fun. At least I’m trying not to take myself and life so seriously. In the back of my mind there’s a voice that says: “C’mon, just have some laughter in your life. Where’s your sense of humour? Where’s the play?” Everything is fine until another voice says: “Excuse me but we have eight projects? Hmm?”

Too many voices, no more Pepsi for me; “Muhuhahaha” has taken the forefront and is planning to move. (You go girl.) She’s flipping coins, she’s packing stuff, she’s making a list and checking it twice… you know that one right?!

Are there any of you that sit here faithfully, reading my blogs, and wonder if there’s anything more to me than tapping on a keyboard? No? Then go to the next paragraph. If yes, continue reading here >. When I moved to this little place the green grass is the two photos did not exist. The yards were solid, hard orange clay! The grass in the front yard is beautiful, though there’s no photo here. So I took plugs every year for three years and transplanted them to the back yard. They almost stay green all year now. This has been my favorite little spot. None of the furniture is worn out because I’m usually the only one using it. Everyone has gotten busy, busy, and busier. Somehow this fact makes it easier for me to move now.

Another little place is on the horizon. Will I invest in its life? Of course because an investment in its life is an investment in mine; another little place to cherish.

The most loved and the most loving family member

When I was very young my parents found a dog and brought him home. He was part terrier and cocker spaniel; we loved this little dog and “Whiskers” became our hero, our best friend, our out in the rain, sleet, snow and hail buddy. Wherever we went, he went. No need to tell about the time he and I got into a box of fresh fried chicken? And that time we got sick headaches from eating ice cream too fast? And certainly not about that year we dressed him up as a vampire for Halloween so we’d collect more candy? Yes, we were shameless.

Eventually “Whiskers” passed on which brings me to the point of this blog. He was just like a person to me. In fact he was the most loved, and the most-loving, family member. What would I do without him?

One day not long after “Whiskers” death I was driving through the countryside and thought I saw him running with children through a field of flowers. I was so sure; I pulled my car over, and watched this dog for quite a while. Then it dawned on me: if I were the energy or essence of “Whiskers” I would want to come back and have more children to enjoy my life with! In that instant I knew that just because he was gone from my sight, did not mean he was gone forever. I wanted him to live with children. I wanted him to have the best life he could. He would want the same for me. He would want the same for me.

Post Script: D.S. my love and quiet meditations offer strength and positive thoughts to you and your loved ones. Embrace the energy or essence of what your loved one gave you and share it with others in your own way, in your own time. My warm wishes to you, dcrelief