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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Yikes! Hurricane Joaquin!

Thursday through Friday, hurricane Joaquin brought fierce rain and wind - lasting for hours. 

Periodically I'd check the outside for any possible brick wall damage. Any damage could cause a shift in how the rain water drains away from my house. Basically the walls also keeps the land from shifting. 

You've been with Teddy and I, all last spring and summer, as we struggled to re-do the retaining walls, and plant new flower beds. I am happy to say: OUR work was FRUITFUL! 

I'm writing this Saturday, lunch time, hoping the worst has passed. Hard to believe I'm about 250 miles from the East coast, and could still get this weather! Watching from our favorite window, Teddy and I are grateful. Parts of the city are reported as having flooded. News weather is projecting more of this through Monday. Teddy and I hope we're no longer on the receiving end (smile).

It's still a very overcast sky, but the trees are calm, if only for a few minutes. If the wind returns the limbs will begin their swaying, again. We're hanging on and hanging out! Keep us in your thoughts, please.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I know, I know!!!

I always seem to be late getting in on the excitement of Halloween. Yes, I know, I'm really early. If I don't do something now the days will fly by, and all the spooky photos, poems, and experiences will have been used up. Here we go ~ my (early) Halloween thoughts...

First - the photo poem:

Cat on a cloud
Looking very proud
Staring at the fish
Who has one simple wish ~ to swim faster.

My candy poem:

M&M's are waiting at the store
Must buy three bags ~ hmm, maybe more
Candy corn is always great
Use a bunch to decorate a cake.

My costume poem:

Try to guess who I am ~
Living in a magical land
Tiny wings and pointed ears ~
One that children never fear.

Happy Pre-Halloween! I'm done (smile).

Monday, September 28, 2015

Has spam changed your life?

Some people generally define spam as any unsolicited email.  I admit I've called it by worse names... (probably shouldn't share them here.) 

Some look so tempting...I've thought to have a peek, but no! Still I'm very curious and have a question for you. Don't be shy  ~

Have you ever opened a spam mail and actually benefited from it? 

You know you want to tell me, don't you?! (smile).

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday and another umbrella - again!

Rain is forecast for another six days. Under the overcast sky, it comes and goes.

Meanwhile I trek to the store, taking an umbrella, which I then leave in the van!

So far the van has three umbrellas - two more are in the house.

It's possible I have one stashed back, that I received for Christmas - umm - last year

(I hope.)

I need a way, to remind myself ,to return the umbrellas to the house after my treks.