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Friday, April 29, 2016

Nosy Rose

My little red rose ~
Sweet scent for my nose.
You're already blooming ~
After that slight grooming.

This little rose bush is a true delight. A couple of snips and it performs beautifully. It will get slightly larger than a 'patio rose' bush... perfect for my flowerbed. This summer I intend to try rooting a few cuttings. The more the merrier and the cheerier, I say!

Do you like roses? If not, what do you find most appealing?

Bonus points:

Monday, April 25, 2016

MRI ~ Proof that I have a brain!

My apology for leaving everyone hanging. 

I now have proof that I have a brain... yes... I have had concerns (Ha!)

The MRI confirmed 'evidence' of an older stroke that occurred some time ago... there's a possibility I had a heat stroke in May 2002. I remember experiencing total exhaustion in 2002 for several weeks. However...the doctor said that the former event did not cause the current situation. Back to square one.Okay, now what? I'm waiting on a referral to a neurologist...

I called the MD's office to inquire about a neurologist appointment. One hasn't been set yet, so I'm only guessing it's not a huge priority.  Frustrating as heck but that's life.

The MD did find new conclusions... my vitamin D level (once deficient) is okay now. He changed his diagnosis and decided that I do have Vertigo...back on those pills... I knew it.

An email pal sent another suggestion, having read my mail concerning the 'former stroke' I'd had. I'm going to follow up on his suggestion and hope it brings further relief. It has to do with circulation and keeping the arteries cleared, ie, a type of high cholesterol therapy. That really could be a factor in my situation. Though my cholesterol isn't too high, I would still benefit from this. I'll get back to you on how the situation changes. (Thank you, anonymous e-pal!)

Most importantly ~

I would like thank everyone for the prayers, well wishes, and positive thoughts. The A-Z Challenge ends this week on Saturday. My minion work will be done! My blogs have been starved of attention... it won't be long before I get back to a more regular schedule, (smile).