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Monday, April 11, 2011

sung to the tune of "Oklahoma!"

OHHHHH~the daffodils are growing up around my ears,
and they smell so sweet, it's a springtime treat
and I hope they never disappear.

OHHHH~the daffodils are swaying gently in the breeze,
and I'm loving this, most alluring bliss,
but I feel as if I have to sneeze!

Thanks, that's it.(sniff, sniff).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

there's always a camera... smile

From what I can tell of history we're not learning to negotiate. Or maybe the heads of states decide how many airplanes to give up, to keep it going. We've shared a bunch of planes, weapons and things, so both sides of a battle can fight.

Over here, we're being told that the biggest concern is internet addiction to games and connections? Really, that's it?

What if heads of state had to play games to determine the outcome of negotiations? Ha ha, sorry, you're right; they already do that. Of course none of them are addicted to internet so it's okay.

Well whether or not you're dying in a war zone or playing 'Blitz' on "Facebook", please remember... there's always a camera... smile.


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