Stripping away the rose colored glasses of denial concerning my reality. Getting in touch with truth. Reaching out to others in empathy concerning their reality and their walk to truth.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Three weeks before Christmas

Three weeks before Christmas, I stood at the road,
Surveying the house lights and checking the load.
Most strands lit up brightly, one hung down too far.
I stepped in the road, was struck down by a car.

The driver was nice and he wore a red suit.
I glanced in his car and saw tons of loot.
He had everything, from mixers to trolleys
And bags full of toys, including small dollies.

The stars that I saw, when he hit me, were fading.
Though I dreaded the task of my home's light upgrading.
But he had me sit down while he went to work.
The strand hung too far, he fixed with a jerk.

From a bag he retrieved, in the back of his car,
He presented the most brilliantly lit golden star.
On the top of the house he moved like an adder.
I looked all around, but where was his ladder?

He danced and he pranced as he sang out with laud.
Dumbfounded I sat there, and could only applaud.
In the blink of an eye he stood on the ground.
The leaves were all dry, but he made not a sound.

It was then that I noticed the white beard and hair.
My eyes must have widened, he laughed at my stare.
This couldn't be 'him', he didn't exist,
But I just had to ask; I couldn't resist.

I turned to say something and found he was gone.
Had I merely passed out right here on the lawn?
Later that evening my family came out.
I flipped on the switch and heard a great shout!

The tiny lights twinkled with nothing to mar.
The biggest surprise was the golden lit star.
The years pass by quickly, and the star's always bright.
There's no cord connected, no batteries for light!

Yet every December the cheers always jar,
And I think of the “'dream” when hit by that car.
The words he exclaimed when he left with his load
"Merry Christmas to you, and stay out of the road!"

seasonal bargains

Finding seasonal bargains is wonderful. Still the price was definitely too much for "grapeless grapes." In fact, I'm not really sure what that means. Shouldn't that bag be empty if it's truly representative of "grapeless"?

Or maybe something like this...? Who couldn't use an extra pack of hot dog buns?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Airplanes- moving stars-The gift

Normally in warmer weather, Friday evening would find me at the overlook point at the airport. I have fond memories of going out there when I was younger - it was a family thing. Kind of a mini Christmas without the hoopla.

Thursday night I stood in my driveway and watched airplanes fly overhead. My home seems to be on an outer edge of two flight paths. One travels a southern to northern direction. The other criss-crosses in an eastern to western direction. At times it looked as if two planes would meet in the middle, directly over the street. I know there's supposed to be at least a thousand feet in height between the two planes, but it didn't look like that to me.

This criss-crossing seemed to be ongoing, and after a while I had to abandon the watching. It really spooked me. It's quite dark and the sky puts on it's own show. It wasn't long before I was studying constellations instead. That's when I noticed the cold night air, the breeze moving leftover leaves in the drive, and why did I think I could do anything about those planes? I might as well try to move a star! And that's when I saw the shooting star. Did I do that?(smile)No.

Once inside the house, the aroma of an almost-done roast, greeted me. Now there's a focal point - roast beef sandwiches for the weekend! Forget the stars. Forget the planes. As soon as the cook timer went off I removed the roast.

I don't mind being a small part of the picture. More and more I'm thankful when I experience peace no matter what else is going on. I'm thankful for the Creator, who has provided me with the one gift to bring into fruition, in my life - Faith, Hope and Love.  May you find this gift and it bless your life as well.

I'm always grateful to those who visit, and the light you share!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

There's a monkey wrench in the works!

Oh, I'm sick - really. (Cough, cough, ache, blah, blah, etc.) The main concern is the shelter - I can't cook for people while I'm contagious. My back up person will take over for this week. I hate that, but I would want someone to be responsible in the same way. Actually the back up person is all excited!

My neighbor will be going to Pennsylvania for Christmas. He asked me to babysit his Tropical Love Bird. I used to have three birds and they were so sweet and trained! This little bird, named "Brisbane" has no idea who the boss is - and I'm not sure I'm up for it. I'd hate for him to spend a whole week in his little house, but the last time we were around each other, he landed on my shoulder and bit me on the cheek! In fact - the scab just dropped off last week(sigh). Not to worry, I haven't given a answer yet. Maybe I should ask for votes on this? But the neighbor has a little two year old grandson that he rarely sees, (thank you heart strings - beat me up!!)

Meanwhile here's some stuff I'm making. I can't post everything or "the sweet God-daughter" will know what she's getting for Christmas!(smile)(I know you're here.)

Chocolate dipped candy canes...

Leg warmers made from sweater sleeves...

Gingerbread cake with stenciled design in powdered sugar...

Christmas gifts for the neighbors...

Copied this for my front railings - it's gorgeous!
It's also, probably the reason I am sick - outside too long...

Normally, you know this as "Thursday Wrapping it up," but I've got a moment and I feel okay - so why not make it happen?
Meanwhile... Happy Birthday, Mom - I miss you!

Monday, December 15, 2014

A wish

It's a town most anywhere,
where the snow has fallen deep,
and the people never sleep.

It's a town that has no name,
where people watch the stars a-glow,
that shed their light upon the snow.

It's a town not far away,
where people celebrate and cheer,
the love that's true and clear.

Help! What color ribbon?

Help! It's crazy - I do this for people all the time, but right now I'm blank when it comes to my own tree. I like to wrap the tree with lights around the inside trunk. It looks like it's illuminated from the inside. Then a second wrap of lights on the outer edges of the limbs. A few silver icicles... maybe... always adds a shimmer to the lights. Or maybe not(smile). Help.

A neighbor had a huge hydrangea with dried blossoms - did I want them? I'm not sure I even hung up the phone, before running out the door to get them! I really didn't want to deal with ornaments this year. Maybe one or two placed in baskets or as stand alone focal point/arrangements... but not on the tree. But I'd like your help with one final element and then the tree will (finally) be done. What color ribbon should I use? I love making bows or using it for garland. Solid, plaid, stripe, I'm game!

Dried Hydrangea blossoms

Red geraniums                                                          

Pine scented pine cones

My camera is not working so this is the closet visual I can get you...