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Monday, March 11, 2013

Be back when I can

Hello and what a time I've had! If not for all of those who read, comment, or just float by... 'dcrelief' would be empty of laughter and love.

Rather than run up a big financial bill with my internet services, I have chosen to disconnect. As other things might complicate and accumulate to this make decision... it is the right decision. I don't think I ever viewed having internet as a 'luxury'. Too bad.... however, it is possible that life continues without it. :)

The length of time that I'll be away is unknown. Unfortunately my service also includes television and telephone... all will be disconnected on March 12, 2013. Short notice I agree, but my choice is made in wisdom. Owing anyone or company is not my favorite thing.

To date I must consider, first, the hospitals and doctors I owe for last year's seven hospital visits, and of course that big surgery. Seems one can ever have enough health insurance. Recent changes here have lessened the help I was receiving; deductibles and copays have increased for me.

Don't cry for me Argentina!!  It might be a couple to three months... hopefully back on here before anyone really notices. Let's pretend I'm on a "dcrelief world tour".

Simply said: Be back when I can.