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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Bride's Tears

I've had many classes in drawing and wood work. I even took drafting in college to improve perception. It was an amazing course, yet my first love lay years ahead in time: painting.

Watercolor was first and then I used acrylics. Ironically I am self-taught. Lately I've begun to study with different artists for tips and techniques. It looks as if I'm ready for black and white oil paint study. We'll see.

The photo above is my last portrait in acrylic paint. I labored greatly but blending is still a technique I work on.

Recently a blog pal,('Bazza') had a great photo of a painting done in oil. I liked the way the artist painted the eyes on a 90 degree plane. So I thought I'd share a close up of the bride.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sun, rain, song, repeat...

It's warm in Carolina. Humidity makes it even warmer. Then come nightfall the thunder sounds, leaving me wondering 'when' the rain will begin? It has been the exact same cycle for almost three months now. Yet I'm grateful because some places are begging for sunshine; some are begging for rainfall.

No matter how much the lightening flashes or how loud the thunder roars, in the morning the birds awake, and I'm compelled to sing along.

You took your time ~ welcome summer!