Stripping away the rose colored glasses of denial concerning my reality. Getting in touch with truth. Reaching out to others in empathy concerning their reality and their walk to truth.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I never know when someone’s mood will affect me. In the blink of an eye I can join their… sorrow, their pain, their madness, their anger… to my own day. Not only can I join it, but seem to gladly promote it. Then I realize that the person doesn’t need me to be in the same mood. I need to be supportive, encouraging another, to a better moment.

Today I was just a “joiner”. I could not let my own feelings get out of the way! Being human doesn’t always make me smile…and I sure can make mistakes.

I’m blogging what ails me and moving on. It’s called interacting. Woo-hoo.