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Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Charlotte Town"

Charlotte is a beautiful city that I call home. Born and raised here, I am one of the few Charlotteans left. It's as if we are a nursery, letting go when our own individual passion is discovered. You will find us all over the world... and we are happy.

What have we received in return for sending our citizens onward? Our beauty, our weather, and various significant businesses have brought us a diverse blend of cultures. In my own neighborhood there are no less than six different countries represented.  They also hail from different states of America. The melting pot is very much alive here.

Hope is a word close to my heart. I observe the children playing up and down the street and I hope for their bonding to build for the future of our nation. I want them to get along. I want them to be happy despite all adversity. It is a gift to accomplish... and I have hope.

I'll close with a bit of history trivia.

In 1768 "Charlotte Town" is incorporated, which means the new town will have a courthouse and a prison. Even though the residents disagree with laws set forth by Britain, they hope that naming the town for Queen Charlotte will win favor with her husband, England's King George III.  (Wikipedia)

Charlotte Douglas International Airport: Queen Charlotte

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Breaking news? really?

Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that America does not have a brain eating epidemic. Our government issued travel warnings for a couple of states. Homeland-ish security says, "There's no problem," and they have set up meetings with the zombies to negotiate Florida. It's the first state to have had brains devoured. The department further states, "Washington is ideal for this meeting. We expect  to have a cerebral good time."

Monday, September 17, 2012

In the pink

Grandma was a mobster
her truck was painted pink
She'd haul a load of lobster
and clean 'em in her sink

Everyone knew Grandma
and listened for the horn
Today she mowed down Grandpa
bent him over in the corn

She cried all night and day
until she bought that mink
Insurance paid her way
for piercings and some ink

A ring went in her nose
a diamond in her tongue
A tattoo of a rose
she'd only just begun...