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Saturday, January 15, 2011

tiny birds

You bring me joy
As you sit upon the limb
Such tiny birds
Appeal to every whim

You huddle close
A fluttering of the eyes
Just then a peep
As the sun begins to rise

Your sleep is done
Time to take a morning flight
My feeder waits
Where I watch with great delight

Sweet voices ring
Songs and sounds that lift my heart
When you must leave
Say goodnight before you part

Image title: 'birds on branch 006a'
From: “The Graphics Fairy”
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A talking gazebo

December 26th we had a wonderful snow day.
My parents’ home is a magical place to see.
Their gazebo is placed in the perfect spot to see sunrise and sunset.
It speaks to me and its memories are sweet.

Small brown birds visit daily. Bright red cardinals perch on the rail.
Blue hydrangeas bend under the weight of the snow; their time passed.
The evergreens in the background add color to the scene.
It speaks to me and the memories are sweet.

Loving parents did the best they could with their talents.
I am a product of both, and everything, since childhood.
The gazebo gave us hours to speak and be understood.
It speaks to me and the memories are sweet.

Each season has its beauty and darkness.
Accept both and wear contentment as an answer.
The gazebo gave me hours to listen and understand.
And now~ it speaks to me and the memories are complete.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow play

Once again we have received a beautiful snow. Falling all night and now all day, I can’t wait to see the animals play. I did the best I could do to capture their fun and frolic. So without further adieu: “Smile for the birdie.”

‘Little Cardinal’ has fallen in love at first sight.

‘Snowball’, if we let you out, we might not find you later.

‘Susie’ hopes ‘Snowball’ is outside so she can chase her.

‘Noble’ is a dog for all seasons, and never meets a stranger.

The end~