Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving song

Thank you for bearing with my absence. I feel better but it's slow going still. I hope to return soon. Today I want to post a song for you. Here are the lyrics.

Grateful for each hand we hold
Gathered round this table.
From far and near we travel home,
Blessed that we are able.

Grateful for this sheltered place
With light in every window,
Saying welcome, welcome, share this feast
Come in away from sorrow.

Father, mother, daughter, son,
Neighbor, friend and friendless;
All together everyone in the gift of loving-kindness.

Grateful for whats understood,
And all that is forgiven;
We try so hard to be good,
To lead a life worth living.

Father, mother, daughter, son,
Neighbor, friend, and friendless;
All together everyone, let grateful days be endless.

Grateful for each hand we hold
Gathered round this table.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday's The Phil Review: a hare raising moment

Leaves a-blowing in the wind
I take my feet out for a spin.

Here I sit out in the grass
Fall is near and coming fast.

The sun is bright in a sky of blue
Perfect photo for Phil's review.

Keep these moments close to heart
As warming lights for Winter's dark.

Dear Readers ~ 

Some folks are affected by the changing of the seasons. Changes that might bring mental sadness, lack of motivation, or other paralyzing thoughts. If you're affected like this, try to store up some happy moments for those times. Maybe you have a suggestion that would help, please feel free to share (smile).

~ Phil

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Phil Review for Thursday, Oct. 15th

Welcome to Phil's Thursday review!!

The dcrelief song competition post can be found here >  Battle of the Bands.  If you are interested, or like music, she's got two Halloween songs. Listen to both and vote for the one you like.

Is your Halloween spooky or cutesy? Let's do pumpkins:

Let's do ghosts - spooky, cutesy, or maybe raunchy?

Do you have a favorite candy that only comes out at Halloween?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Phil Review - Tuesday, Oct. 13th.

Hello! I am Phil -  not to be confused with the Pennsylvania 'groundhog,' named Phil. We're very different, though we're both related to the Queen of England :) Now days, who isn't somehow related, as a distance cousin, or possible enemy?

My favorite/favourite thing is the alarm clock on my cell phone. Naps are vital to an old hare like me, so a quick snooze is refreshing. I have a profound admiration for the snooze button... it can be reset up to seven times. 

Is this the month for big beginnings of, "who's running for President?" Now we'll go forward a whole year, yakking about one person after another.  There will be lots of dirt flying - get your safety glasses now! 

Here's a candidate with issues already:

This month is the season for 'all things spooky' or Halloween related. I feel the need to post my own warning photos:

Questions for you: Are you related to the Queen of England? Do you nap? Are you a snooze button user?  Do you own safety glasses? Do you like pumpkin flavor? Are turnips decorations spookier than pumpkins??

See you next time!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

New feature for Tues. and Thurs. : The Phil Review ~

Philanthropist Phil
is helping us chill
by writing a blog or two

On two days per week
Our dear, Phil, the geek
Will take on the job of glue

To hold the blog intact
and hopefully impact
The reader's point of view.

Teddy and I really need more down, and alone time. Let's see how it goes - every Tuesday & Thursday!
Be here or the Hare gets canned!

dcrelief & Teddy

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Yikes! Hurricane Joaquin!

Thursday through Friday, hurricane Joaquin brought fierce rain and wind - lasting for hours. 

Periodically I'd check the outside for any possible brick wall damage. Any damage could cause a shift in how the rain water drains away from my house. Basically the walls also keeps the land from shifting. 

You've been with Teddy and I, all last spring and summer, as we struggled to re-do the retaining walls, and plant new flower beds. I am happy to say: OUR work was FRUITFUL! 

I'm writing this Saturday, lunch time, hoping the worst has passed. Hard to believe I'm about 250 miles from the East coast, and could still get this weather! Watching from our favorite window, Teddy and I are grateful. Parts of the city are reported as having flooded. News weather is projecting more of this through Monday. Teddy and I hope we're no longer on the receiving end (smile).

It's still a very overcast sky, but the trees are calm, if only for a few minutes. If the wind returns the limbs will begin their swaying, again. We're hanging on and hanging out! Keep us in your thoughts, please.