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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bill - with special dedication *

It was the fall of the year when you came.
You with the smile and the so simple name.
I was so fond of those cute little eyes.
Love at first sight, we were so mesmerized.

I'd hear you speak and you'd hear me laugh.
Sunshine and joy was the key to our path.

It was the fall of the year when you left.
Life seemed to crawl in my days of bereft.
Days turned to years, yet I still hear you sing.
Fly in the heavens, sweet bird on the wing.

A tiny life:

Bill was a 'rescue bird' I acquired when he was 15 years old. He had always been caged. His wings were fully grown and yet he made no effort to fly, ever. In fact I'm not sure if he ever had flown. I'm not sure if he even knew that he could have flown very far away. He had always been in that cage... in a closet.

When we met we both had yellow hair - his natural - mine dyed. We were drawn to each other like magnets. (It was that way for four beautiful years.) It took three months to get him to come out of that cage. After that he was never caged again. I let him go in and out as he pleased. He would sit on top of his cage and greet me whenever I walked into the bedroom he shared with my two small budgies - Casper and Candy. They were my children. They learned to love Bill and he loved them. They would jump from rooftop to rooftop... each had their own cage of a different color. It looked like Charleston, South Carolina with the area known for its rows of colorful houses.

In time Bill learned to speak complete sentences. It was like talking to a three year old human child. However, the very last word he learned was from my six year old niece. The word was - "sweet." She would say, "sweeeet," and he would answer back, "sweeeet." All of the birds loved "the niece"! So two days later when Bill passed, the hardest thing to do was to tell the niece. She came for the funeral, and then played with Casper and Candy. Ironically I found strength watching her comfort them.

As I travel from blog to blog I am often at a loss of what to say to others who have lost a pet - a family member - a treasure - a tiny life. It takes grieving. It takes time. If that tiny life meant anything - it is worth the grieving to recapture the joy that will return. It will return... because you will realize you were part of something amazing. You were part of their tiny life.

* Special dedication to Janie and Franklin

Friday, November 14, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things for November 14, 2014

Today I'm celebrating four things:

1) Meeting lots of new bloggers through this bloghop!
2) Posting a poem that had a freeing affect on my heart.
    (Titled: "Smiling" - post date 11-12-14)
3) The Blue birds returning for the Fall and Winter seasons.

4) A sweet deal on a roasting pan - $4.99 - from the Goodwill store!
     (Online $189.00)

This post is part of VikLit's blog hop, Celebrate the Small Things. To be part of this blog hop, all you have to do is follow the link and put your name on the Mr.Linky list, and then be sure to post every Friday about something you're grateful  for that week.  It can be about writing or family or school or general life.  This is the funnest and easiest blog hop ever!

VikLit - Scribblings of an Aspiring Writer

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Wrap: Sorry Airport!

Teddy is so disappointed. Yucky weather has us hanging out at home. It's cold and we're expecting rain. Oh no!

We need the rain so the airplanes will have to land without us watching this week.

Teddy thinks we should watch music videos. So here you are - from Teddy with love! 

Airplanes in my dreams...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


In the morning cold I saw him on the bench.
His clothes were slightly tattered, his hands were tightly clinched.
I wondered if  he'd eaten, and stopped to ask him so.
He looked at me through painful eyes and softly answered, no.

My work bag felt quite heavy and I knew what I must do.
Inside a smallish thermal box lay some cornbread and some stew.
For moments that I struggled he hung his head quite low.
The wind was blowing harder and I feared that it might snow.

The thermal box I placed beside him on the bench.
Was not enough to satisfy my heart strings that were wrenched.
I gave him gloves, my favorite scarf, and money for his pocket.
He looked at me through tears and handed me a locket.

The woman was quite lovely and might have been his wife.
And now upon this bench he sat, no longer loving life.
But then he stood and took my hand and said he'd be okay.
Into the morning cold he walked, and I watched him walk away -


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Glorious Wildlife and the Donation

Very soon they will coming down the path from yon gazebo - my gazebo. Mine, mine, mine, you little rat face critters! I will, I will, I will have it all!!! (sigh)Let us begin at the beginning.

In my back yard is a gazebo often the sight of happy gatherings and when possible, the family would run off the chipmunks and meet out there too. Yes the little cuties have homesteaded for many years. (Cuties I say reluctantly.) They are also very clever and devious in their pursuit of eating whatever they can find. My gazebo is a war zone of nut shells and corn husks.

Beware! This year they were especially devious and dangerous. Why would I say this, you ask? (Go ahead, I know you're thinking that.) Look at the holes they dug in the front yard. They make these tunnels that crisscross and heaven help me when I try to mow the yard. Step in one of those and ouch! There's no stopping them - no catching them. I tried and got pelted with empty hickory nuts shells from my patio wall.

Every day it's the same old thing. They drag whatever it is they're eating to the gazebo. I have no clue where the almonds came from - I don't have an almond tree. I suspect they shop elsewhere.

Today I received one of those, "Save the Critters," postcard mailings. Of course the photo is a of a chipmunk. Of course it is cute. Donations go to support national wildlife... (who remind me that I am taking up a lot of land by myself. The least I could do is mail them a check, and so I did.)

Later in the afternoon, thinking to make peace with the chipmunks, I traveled down the path to my gazebo. I left a bowl of sunflowers seeds hoping to make a connection of sorts. An hour later there was a scratching at my door and a postcard left in the screen's edge. It was then that I noticed tiny bits of paper blowing on the patio... "pay to the order of...." what?

Clever and devious...

Monday, November 10, 2014

Modern conversation

Someone is getting really certain of what she wants (I know)...
and doesn't want to put up with (I know)...
and time is moving on (I know).

You know? (I know) You know what? (I know).

Is it me or is it disturbing when the only answer from a friend is - I know? (I know).

Then the fabulous option of replying -  I see. (I see).

Which leads me to the all-knowing, all-seeing response: (I understand).

But lately this type of response has been okay with me. (I know)
How do you know? (I know you).

Wait, that's three words in a response... wow... that makes me happy. (I see) You see? (I see you're happy.)

Oh, four words and I am feeling freed by your support and feedback. (I know you understand.)
How do you know? (I know. I see. I finally understand. And you?)

The sound of crickets

Let's do lunch again soon. (When?) You'll know. (I see)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A breath of love

You are wisdom - she whispered to the bird.
He not understanding a single word -
blinked his eyes and turned his head.
Feeling the warmth of her breath meant love.