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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pretty and pretty loud!

Quite a lovely bird! Absolutely and completely colorless...well, almost; yet enough to be called an 'Albino Peacock'. Albino indicates little or no pigmentation or color. The Albino Peacock is quite the rare bird, but just as noisy as their colorful counterparts. Try whistling in the loudest, highest-pitched sound you can possibly make... and they are still louder!

Uh-oh... cover your ears. He's staring at the camera!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

When animals ask...

During the first week of March, when the temperature in Southern Australia reached 120 degrees F., the koalas started approaching humans for water. Some went to nearby homes, but this one stopped some bikers.

It behooves us to watch for animal distress, help them when we can, especially when they ask. This had never happened before to the people of Austrailia. They answered the call by placing large containers of water on porches and out in their yards. Or as these bikers did: they stopped and shared their supply!