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Sunday, February 7, 2016

What a crock!

In the fridge... all the right fixings for super soup. All I had to do was clean, peel, and chop all the veggies. Then pop it into the crock pot for a long simmer's night. Set my cook timer and go relax... right?! But, oh no! An hour went by and the timer went off, but guess who left the crock pot unplugged. Midnight came and I felt like I was "Moonlighting". That feeling when you can't go to sleep yet... there's work to be done.

If I'd thought a bit longer, I'd have left it off and instead, started cooking in the morning. But no... wouldn't that make sense? I'm such a night owl. Early morning is too much for this happy cook.

Oh, what the heck... the song came to mind and it's a favorite. I'll call you when the soup is ready.