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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Slowly but surely... healing

Hello! I'm still here, and trying not to get depressed over the slow progress. 

The last test the neurologist ordered showed my right, carotid artery blocked. It's inoperable, yet a most amazing thing happened. Smaller arteries expanded and took over the task. I'm getting enough blood because of that. He also said some new arteries have grown... I didn't know the body could do that. Did you?

Setting therapy appointments has been difficult, as I'm not driving but relying on my god-daughter to help me. On Monday, August 8th, we went for my evaluation for physical therapy. There was a battery of 14 tests. the best score is 56 points - I scored 46! The therapist was very excited and told me I should be able to fully regain my balance, coordination, and lost skills. Though I went in with a lack of confidence... now I feel somewhat relieved. 

The physical therapist has also arranged for me to meet with an occupational therapist too. This hopefully will help me regain my typing and painting skills. Life has been a bit boring, and I might add, a bit scary. Three blogs are sitting idle, and I have a couple paintings that are waiting to be finished!  So finally - I'm scheduled for therapy! Beginning this Friday, August 12th, I'll be learning things to help regain my "normal" life.  The great part is - I get to stay home and do specific exercises for my situation. No rehab center is necessary.

I never realized how the left and right sides of the body work together, while also working independently. It's quite amazing!

Because I have a serious balance issue, I've had to let go of the yard work. Not to be discouraged, I decided to put new plants in clay pots. Both plants need trellises to grow on, so the next task is building something simple to let them climb. 

The Loofah plant fruit can be eaten if picked while still young and tender. I understand it has a taste  like cucumber or zucchini.  If you wait to  harvest later the fruit becomes "loofah sponge," which is my goal. My plant is about 16 inches now, but this photo is how it looked earlier on.

The Passion Flower plant has fruit that is also edible. Have you ever had passion fruit?

I'll close now. Typing is still such a chore. I miss all of you, and thank you for the prayers, and keeping me in your thoughts. While I'm online this week, I'll try to visit everyone!

Thank you, (smile).