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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting ready for the show!

It's almost time and I want to introduce our blog Olympic Avatar. She will do summaries and special interests stories, while her partner, Alistair Cookie mans the actual sporting events.

Good heavens... it's me! Twenty days and counting!!!

"Hello!! I'm Alistair Cookie. Normally I narrate great things about the great outdoors. I am so excited to be on board the 'dcrelief' Olympic team. I expect lots of choco-chip cookies as payment. In short I expect to be rolling in the dough(sorry Adele, no pun intended).

More will be revealed! Get ready for the show!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A mind is a terrible thing... to have

Yes, the appropriate quote states: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." But I think there might be something even worse than wasting it. Do you have any idea how many thoughts go through the human mind every second of every day? Neither do I but I'm guessing it's more than I want to know.(smile)

Oh there was a time when my mind was strong and fearless... or so I thought. Looking over the past has made me realize that maybe my life and all those thoughts were fractured. All the ups and down, like a carnival ride, oops, wrong story. Let me tell you about the "Witch and the Frog."

As a child I loved Saturday morning cartoons, specifically, "Fractured Fairy Tales". Those marvelous stories that always ended quite opposite of the 'expected' ending. So in this make-believe village there are too many witches and not enough people to cast spells on. So one witch sees a frog and turns him into a handsome prince. The frog-prince is miserable but cannot find the witch to turn him back into a frog. Meanwhile a lovely princess comes along, falls in love and they marry. Along comes another witch, thinking he's a handsome prince and changes him into, (wait for it), a frog! Of course there is no special kiss to change him, so his wife becomes a frog too. Blah-blah-blah and the rest is on YouTube.

Anyway I said all of that to say something I no longer remember... which proves my post... a mind is a terrible thing... to have.

Oh ~ The End ~