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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

storms and inspirations

There was a time when I hated storms. The morning walk from car to workplace, in heels, made no sense at all. Couldn't we simply cancel work or have a personal taxi pick us up? My poor water-dirt spattered legs. Rubber booties weren't available unless you were nine years old. Cutting out the toe area of the boot would have 'defeated' the purpose. No, not for the purpose of staying dry, but to make that long, stupid walk to work! Alas I was much too young to feel inspired; too old to appreciate a 'class A' mud puddle. But then I became disabled and could no longer work. You don't know how many times I watched the morning lineup of cars heading to work in the rain... and wished I could join them. I'd take that walk, smiling, thankful, for the joy of working.

Fast forward to today, some eleven years later. Life is so different because I've grown in understanding of God, self, others... and storms. There are things I call 'my work' that give me peace and happiness. I'm inspired by those who face this dilemma and find their treasure. Without their inspiration I might have kept watching storms in vain. (I used to hear a song in the back of my mind: “Rainy days and Mondays, always get me down.”)

Recently my home state experienced a horrible storm. I listened to 30mph winds race around and over my house. Thunder rumbled, and it was hard to tell that from the limbs falling onto the roof. My first reaction was to grab the safety candles in case the power went out. This went on for hours and I hoped, hoped for others. I thought about those people without homes and their long walk to find shelter. How would they stand up against the wind? I felt inspired to hold positive thoughts... although I wavered a bit in the beginning. Ironically I was reading, “Never Ever Give Up!,” when the storm arrived. In my own fear I found strength for other people. No... I think God took my fear and made it a positive. I cannot explain this conclusion; most might say it's a matter of personal choice. I believe that “God within me” gives the ability to make that choice. (No... there's a scripture that comes to mind: “I can do all things, through Christ, which strengthens me.”) So when, out of fear, I asked for the safety of others, I received strength to hold them in positive thoughts. This doesn't mean no lives will be lost, no houses damaged, or no limbs piled high in the yard. This is what I see that helps me. Just a thought, but how often are we inspired by the storm in someone else life? Answers are not required, but welcomed, here.

The storm passed over and I 'returned' to my work. Chapter one of “Never Ever Give Up,” seems to be moving right along. Thank you :)