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Sunday, February 17, 2013

a day with snow

It's been a while since I've walked through 'blog-land'. My life has been full of good things, and a couple of misadventures. All is mostly well, and I hope everyone else is having a break from issues or troubles. And don't we all need a break?!

For about a month I thought I might be in love. Yes your's truly, 'dcrelief,' looking through those pesky rose colored glasses. I had my mind's eye fixed on a large box of chocolates. Might I also receive a romantic valentine card??? Alas, the cheap trick fooled me. Anyone wanting to write me a 'poor baby' comment is most appreciated. Boo-hoo, if that makes it easier.

I'm sitting here typing whatever comes to mind. Hold on... (fight the blank)... I'm back.

Friday evening it began to snow, oh my, what a beautiful snow. Sorry houseless people but it was so lovely watching those huge flakes kick in. The photo is of the park near me, but I took it some time ago. My camera is still on the fritz. It's kinda tough because this snow was even prettier than then. According to the news we got three inches. Not bad, but the streets were clear and the meltdown began the next morning.

Is it me or does this sound a bit lacking in energy??! I loved it. Tossed out lots of seeds for the birds and they were everywhere. All colors... something I don't normally see in winter.

I'll get back to that 'cheap trick' another day... it's a story. xx