Stripping away the rose colored glasses of denial concerning my reality. Getting in touch with truth. Reaching out to others in empathy concerning their reality and their walk to truth.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

give me a political break

Oh yes! Something a bit different for the old "dcrelief" page. Good stuff, so listen to this very short link and I'll be back.

"America is not the greatest country in the world anymore."

A dramatization here:

Okay that was easy. Did you notice the background music when it kicked in? That's a clue to be seriously pondering stuff.  I personally found the music to be distracting and unnecessary. Then again, I'm not a film director.

How about that "sorority girl" remark? In a flash the cheerleaders were prepping protest signs stating: "We are not the dumbest college generation." It gave me a real chill up the spine hearing the speaker state the responsibility of all to be informed... including partying college "kids".

For those of you who were totally bored by my need for a political break... hopefully you had a snack close by... for the rest I leave you with a photo to digest.

So what's the beef? and where?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

check ~ please

jam. box ~ check
musical cd's ~ check                  

6 a.m. breakfast ~ check
early morning snack ~ check
light lunch packed  ~ check
energy drink ~ check
zip-lock bag of ice ~ check
granny-smith apple ~ check
bottled water ~ check

plastic stakes ~ check
yellow layout cording ~ check
tape measure ~ check
small hand truck ~ check
yellow wheel barrow ~ check
127 gray curved blocks ~ check

So here you are: a look at the blocks I'm working with; how they lay and how I'll play the day.
I must be crazy, but I like the look.

eat the last apple ~ check
drink last bottled water ~ check
fall out in bed ~ check

the door is shut

Why couldn't you have treated me decently... like the human being I am? What gave you the right to overstep boundaries of politeness? "Do unto others," leaves the door wide open to give you some problems of your own. Yet, your problems are so big already you don't see the results of your behavior. As long as you're always the one in control, life is good.
And now I'm looking at losing three friends. You've maneuvered such ugliness and untruth... they are hesitant to come near because you are a stalker of innocent, kind people. You prey on the weak moments and feelings of your victim's circumstances. You call evil good, and good evil?
I'm not used to this. It's not been my place to ask people to leave me alone. How many times have I said it already? Why won't you hear me? As if you're a alien creature who does not speak the language of love. Only recently did I discover you did not know the language because you do not feel love for anyone. You call it a hindrance.
It might have been nice if I'd known your true colors before speaking kind words to you. I might have bitten my tongue. Surely I'd had the intelligence to walk away at that point. For the life of me I'll never know why I stayed so long... too long.
These eyes will not regret and shed tears. This heart will keep a steady beat that sounds in my ears... like a warning in the fog. The door is shut.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

During my absence... death stopped by... hello

It matters not ~ the attribute you leave behind. Is it something I need; something I can use; something that glorifies Creation? It matters not ~ it is enough that it remains, and makes me smile.

YOU! a role model of a tree standing tall imparting life to a young generation.
YOU! a fragile flower representing a calm nature I long to imitate.
YOU, two, made me smile ~

that tall tree

Like a tall tree standing ~ in the sun
Limbs lifted for nourishment
Tears from on high flow
New seeds sprout from down below
We give our love in fulfillment
To see our offspring standing tall ~ in the sun

buried at sea

This morning I closed my eyes imagining a scene at the beach. Flowers were floating along the foam; some caught by the undertow; some  in spaces of gentle waves; some moving outward into the large body of ocean. 

Such peacefulness... would I finally reach it? 

One by one as the flowers sank I felt sad at having to let them go. Would I swim out to re-gather them if I could? Silly me, a re-gather would bring back the sorrows with the joys. 

In my mind the flowers float on. So many flowers. So many years. So much pain. So much love. I can be as fragile as the ocean's foam, or as strong as its mightiest wave. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gone one week? Feels like a month!

Like watching a backhoe digging a hole, I prepared myself to be bored by my simple no cable, no internet, no phone, life. Nothing could be further from the truth... as my days became filled with renewed interests in projects. No, I wasn't going to sit back in my yard's wheel barrow and watch nature... become one with the dirt. No sir or madam; "dcrelief" was on an adventure that proved to bring rewards of wisdom... and a new, improved brick/block wall design for my back patio area.

I stood on the patio having placed the last block... for the day. My hands with tiny cuts and scrapes begged for a new job; a vacation of sorts which did not include rough surface contact. Hmmm? Go forth and write to your blog!

"Dear Blog,
What treasures will you lead me to as I return? Even if my blog pals are gone and not to be found, I will read every post because they are loved. ~And because I've come to love them too, my desire to understand their writings is the catalyst that feeds my adventures... here and elsewhere."

PS. Do any of my pals know how to lay curved cement blocks so that they blend harmoniously?