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Thursday, March 21, 2013

the door is shut

Why couldn't you have treated me decently... like the human being I am? What gave you the right to overstep boundaries of politeness? "Do unto others," leaves the door wide open to give you some problems of your own. Yet, your problems are so big already you don't see the results of your behavior. As long as you're always the one in control, life is good.
And now I'm looking at losing three friends. You've maneuvered such ugliness and untruth... they are hesitant to come near because you are a stalker of innocent, kind people. You prey on the weak moments and feelings of your victim's circumstances. You call evil good, and good evil?
I'm not used to this. It's not been my place to ask people to leave me alone. How many times have I said it already? Why won't you hear me? As if you're a alien creature who does not speak the language of love. Only recently did I discover you did not know the language because you do not feel love for anyone. You call it a hindrance.
It might have been nice if I'd known your true colors before speaking kind words to you. I might have bitten my tongue. Surely I'd had the intelligence to walk away at that point. For the life of me I'll never know why I stayed so long... too long.
These eyes will not regret and shed tears. This heart will keep a steady beat that sounds in my ears... like a warning in the fog. The door is shut.


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