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Saturday, March 28, 2015

News Flash! dcrelief is taking the A2Z challenge! You are kidding? Uh, no.

YES! Between my friend, Arlee Bird and my sidekick, Teddy, I have succumbed to the challenge! I only hope I can remember the alphabet in proper order... now that's a challenge. I figure 26 letters, how bad can it be? When I get to letter "I," try not to tell me I'm an IDIOT!!?!

So our reveal is late... Teddy held my computer hostage!!! Be sure and look for letter, "C" for an explanation. We will attempt to write about household repairs, maintenance, and a lot of bluffing!

On April 6, 2006, Teddy and I began blogging. So we have a nine year anniversary this coming month. For those of you in the challenge, that's the day for letter, "E".... our entrance to blogger.

That's it... (Oh, Teddy, are you sure we can do this? Teddy? Teddy?) Never mind, he's typing something.

Friday, March 27, 2015

No matter where you go ~ there you are ~ might as well celebrate that too ~

I think someone must be painting flowers every night, in my yard! I wake up to such beauty... and it's only just begun... 

I love this blog hop!

We are celebrating those small achievements we've had for our week!  Sharing about health, wealth, writing, family, or school... you name it, and we'll celebrate with you!  We do this by hopping to each other's blogs, offering congratulations. And for those times you need encouragement, this is the best blog hop group ever!!  Consider joining us by adding you name at Lexa Cain's blog site. Click on the badge in the right margin... > 

Thank you to our coordinator ~

And the co-hosts that assist her with this bloghop ~

What am I celebrating?  

Three,  free dump truck loads of mulch!

Four friends who showed up to help me spread it around.

A weekend of rest. More mulch is coming on Monday!

 I hope everyone has a fun celebration day! And now ~  the linky vehicle we travel on... 

~ Hop forth and celebrate!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Seriously... out of touch!

Dear Abby:

There's a tree company working in my neighborhood. Their goal is to take out trees, or limbs that interfere with power lines. They're giving away free mulch. Two other neighbors gave my name as someone interested in taking the mulch off their hands. Sweet!

I made arrangements to have them deliver on Saturday. Three dump trucks, fully loaded arrived!!! It was a big surprise, and men were everywhere, unloading these trucks where I asked them to dump the mulch. The supervisor apologized for not having any more, until Monday, the 30th. I told him I'd see him on Monday. Oh why not?

After the trucks left, I knew I'd better assemble the 'troops' to help me spread mulch. As I headed for the door to make the call - my little friend in the neighborhood walked over with... a big bouquet of daffodils in one hand, and a pitch fork in the other.

You know - I love flowers but I was more excited to see he had a garden tool! Help me out here. Does it mean anything serious when a gentleman brings flowers? I really don't know about entanglements... but I know he's got the arms to pitch some mulch!

Later he wanted to take me the local chicken drive through. I know it sounds funny, but they have great food. I had money and was going to pay for our dinners, but he was dead-set against it. By today's standards, am I in trouble now? And if not, do you think it's okay to let him come over and mulch some more?

Seriously... out of touch! (aka Soot)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Like a rolling stone...

"A rolling stone gathers no moss." It's an old proverb, credited to Publilius Syrus, who wrote,  "People who are always moving, with no roots in one place, avoid responsibilities and cares." As such, the proverb is often interpreted as referring to figurative nomads who avoid taking on responsibilities or cultivating or advancing their own knowledge, experience, or culture.

Then again  ~ 

Another interpretation equates the "moss" to "stagnation"; as such the proverb can also refer to those who keep moving as never lacking for fresh ideas or creativity.

So which is it? Always moving - avoiding responsibilities, or always on the move - never lacking fresh ideas?

Today's the big, exciting day to see who has revealed their A2Z Challenge theme. What's your theme??

Sunday, March 22, 2015