Stripping away the rose colored glasses of denial concerning my reality. Getting in touch with truth. Reaching out to others in empathy concerning their reality and their walk to truth.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Luv Moth, er, month?

                                       Image by Dr. Arthur Anker

Time for the serious love month. Visions of Reese's pieces dance through my head. What the heck, leftover chocolate covered cherries from Christmas will suffice. Something that says ~ LOVE. Then again, who decided that giving chocolate means giving love?

The "Poodle Moth" inhabits Venezuela. I find it to be grotesquely beautiful. Hey, how about creating a stuffed one for the LOVE month? Really those little golden antennae are so alarmingly charming; eyelashes even Lady Gaga would be envious of. Such a face that only a mother would love... the moth, not Gaga! Yet ~ am I too old for stuffed animals and creatures? It has that "Pokemon" look.

I thought about having an affair, a wild fling, but the only place open without reservation is the Monkey cage at the zoo. There might definitely be some flinging going on... yea, sure, but is it done in LOVE? Must google wikipedia to verify.

Where are the good old days when you went to a mountain top chalet, complete with Jacuzzi, melting pot of chocolate and ripe, red strawberries?? You wined and dined and had a very good time. Lots of smooches here ~ lots of smooches there ~ before you know it ~ you drown from exhaustion?? (Remember you're spending the time in a Jacuzzi)(smile).

Alas... maybe I'll mail myself an invitation to a mountain top chalet. While I'm waiting for delivery, I'll make myself a poodle moth doll. Once I get the chalet address I'll wire flowers, chocolate, and a gift card from Victoria's secret. That's it... a healthy dose of LOVE for me.

Okay. So if you want to come along, make your own poodle moth doll; the chocolate is on me! LOL.

Monday, January 28, 2013


(Image appears to be manipulated - artist unknown.)

Once upon a time I was crossing this huge meadow and came across a cow, who spoke to me:  "Mmmooommm, what are you doing in my pasture?"

"I'm going to see the tree of wisdom."(smile)

"MmmMMmm, very well, you may cross the pasture."

La-la-la, fiddle-dee, I danced around and around and around... a strange looking tree. Looking at me, it spoke: "You are approaching the great forest. I am the tree of wisdom and yet,  I cannot ascertain 'why' you approach?"

"Oh tree of wisdom, I long to touch the sky; feel the sunlight upon my face; feel peaceful in a world of counting woes." I spread my arms wide in mimic of angelic wings.

The tree smiled: "How will you do these things? Or have you come to the tree of wisdom to assist your quest?"

"Yes, I know what to do, and yes I need your assistance." Seeing a smirk on its face I hesitated,  but then from within, arose a rush of courage.

"I would climb to the top and sit among your tallest branches. Peace would enter my heart as I bathe in the sunshine. Sunlight drawing me to a standing position where I might begin to touch the sky."

A most solemn expression it displayed and asked, "The tree of wisdom is forbidden to touch; you know this. You will surely die. How would I assist you?"

"As the sunlight draws, my arms will stretch upward, and I will to leap from your safety. Please allow your branches to embrace me. Gently, slowly, guiding me to the ground that I may die upon it; nourishing the roots of your being."

"Very well; see you on the return flight."

"What?" .....................