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Monday, January 28, 2013


(Image appears to be manipulated - artist unknown.)

Once upon a time I was crossing this huge meadow and came across a cow, who spoke to me:  "Mmmooommm, what are you doing in my pasture?"

"I'm going to see the tree of wisdom."(smile)

"MmmMMmm, very well, you may cross the pasture."

La-la-la, fiddle-dee, I danced around and around and around... a strange looking tree. Looking at me, it spoke: "You are approaching the great forest. I am the tree of wisdom and yet,  I cannot ascertain 'why' you approach?"

"Oh tree of wisdom, I long to touch the sky; feel the sunlight upon my face; feel peaceful in a world of counting woes." I spread my arms wide in mimic of angelic wings.

The tree smiled: "How will you do these things? Or have you come to the tree of wisdom to assist your quest?"

"Yes, I know what to do, and yes I need your assistance." Seeing a smirk on its face I hesitated,  but then from within, arose a rush of courage.

"I would climb to the top and sit among your tallest branches. Peace would enter my heart as I bathe in the sunshine. Sunlight drawing me to a standing position where I might begin to touch the sky."

A most solemn expression it displayed and asked, "The tree of wisdom is forbidden to touch; you know this. You will surely die. How would I assist you?"

"As the sunlight draws, my arms will stretch upward, and I will to leap from your safety. Please allow your branches to embrace me. Gently, slowly, guiding me to the ground that I may die upon it; nourishing the roots of your being."

"Very well; see you on the return flight."

"What?" .....................


  1. Aha Dixie,

    I guess I should udder a few words in regards to your moooving posting! :)

    Me thinkest your return flight will bring some wonderful insight.

    And yep, that tree looks remarkably like the outline of a human head.

    Peace be with you.

  2. That tree may be wise (and anthropomorphic) but it hasn't noticed that all of the other trees have tip-toed away and left it alone!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  3. Aha!! Gary!
    Always the insightful one ~ where would I be without you? Up a tree?
    Now that you mention it, it does look like a human head, hmmmm?


  4. Actually, Bazz, when I arrived it had stepped away from the great forest to do some yodeling pratice. Sounded a bit like Steve Tyler, Aerosmith, you know?. :))

  5. Wow! That story took an unexpected turn. I could grok (understand) about the talking cow. It was very moooooving, too. Where you got to the talking tree, I saw the meaning in that and your conversation. I mean,who hasn't wanted to spread their wings and be closer to the wide blue sky? I tried it when I was a kid. but my tree didn't talk to me, really. I just thought he did. I dig the freedom and peace of it all in your tale, Dixie.

    And then you, I think, in the end/beginning kinda went ker-splat on the ground so the tree could nourish itself from your blood, mind or spirit. Yep... big twist at the end. I dig it!

    Take care, Dixie :)

  6. Yo Kelly. "Grok a lot" is my favorite motto, or "grok around the clock tonight."

    Yep, a big ker-splat, but waiting to see how part 2 comes out... return flight, you know?? The tree surprised me with saying that. Keep your shirt on... we''ll see.

    So sorry your tree didn't speak to you; most are quite arrogant.

    Thank you :))

  7. True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.

  8. Thank you; glad you stopped by.

    Powerful quote... I find it true more and more. Thank you for providing it.


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