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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

swimming-just-swimming-in the rain

It's competition time! World championships taking place all over, um, the world.  Yes, the Olympics are upon us, yet the world championships must go on. (I have no clue, why.)

Journalists, reporters, and genuine sport fans bombarded the recent swim meet. (Hype time.) Before them lay a most beautiful, Olympic size pool. Filming, photo-ops, and interviews were quickly arranged, but then the strangest discovery was noted by the pool-pa-razzi: the pool was empty!! Swim participants were busy running around the perimeter. Egad! There wasn't any water in the pool!

Suddenly from overhead a large thunderclap was heard. Rain began falling and participants quickly adopted an attitude of fun. The newly arrived Jamaican team seemed especially inspired. Ironically the major film they'd watched on the airplane trip featured, dancer/actor Gene Kelly, in movie classic "Singing in the Rain."

Or was I dreaming?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

painting my chest

please excuse my lack of capitalization; i'm doing an a la e.e. cummings' writing style.  my right shoulder is healing nicely, but the left hand typing is a work in progress!  i spend a lot of time going back to rehit the space bar... oh well... here we go.

when it's free time off of the ice pack, and i can actually come to my desk, i'm always thinking of fun stuff.  this little chest is painted with black board paint.  it's not a new thing, but i see potential for it's use in my home.

i wanted to do a post, but the thought of moaning and groaning about my living limitations didn't excite me.   unless you're into pain, believe me, it would not satisfy.

i'm one of those people who like organization.  no, not obessive but looking for ideas to enhance production of all my hobbies.  this type of paint could really solve some problems.

now here's the question and feel free to share your thoughts... please... i'm bored!  do i go ahead and paint the chest i have, left handed, or wait 5 more weeks and paint it right handed?   okay, i'm done.