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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pictures for children

Here are some pictures your children can color.

au naturalle

This year I refuse to stand in a store line to buy a card or anything else for Valentine's Day. Sure, I love my little Koko Koala, but she wants me to come up with something "green," rather than spending green. So between my refusal and her request, this Valentine's will be the best.

I glued red berries to a piece of bark and carved "I love you". Now I'm off to collect some really lovely eucalyptus leaves; won't she be pleased?!

Then on the happy day I'll pick insects and dirt from her fur. Then she'll slap me upside the head and bite my arm. We'll finally snuggle in the tropical rain. This is going to be a great Valentine's.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

anti valentine

Anti valentine

This is a brief message to readers from “Alistair Cookie.” He is one tiny journalistic bundle who adores the work of Alistair Cooke. Mr. Cooke, a noted British/American journalist impressed the little one on the quality of life. Now the small protégé will speak his mind on ‘anti valentine’.

“Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve written. I forgot how to turn the computer on, hahaha. Not to worry as I have found the little red button on the power strip (electrical carousel); shhh, mums the word.

I am inundated with correspondence regarding the obnoxious commercialism of all holidays. This has led to a tired exclamation that ‘every day is a holiday.’ Call me small but I don’t think that’s a solution. I don’t want to be mailing out cards for every day of the week! Besides licking the stamps makes my tummy hurt; eyuck!

In conclusion if you’re anti valentine, it’s no problem for me. As long as anti valentine doesn’t mean you’re anti love… then all is well.

Take care, and keep that correspondence coming. You might include some choco-chip cookies for faster reply, hahahaa!”


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a piece of nature

Down the road are the remnants of a tree. There’s a carving of a heart in the bark. It’s been around a long time and only the wind knows who made it. When I first saw it I stopped dead in my tracks. Amazing! Too bad I didn’t bring the background into focus. Then again it has provided me with this post, so the shot was not in vain.

How I miss this area. We had a huge forest where trees could slowly die with dignity. No chainsaws were ever heard in there. Wild flowers on vines meandered along the limbs. I once sat on a fallen tree surrounded by hundreds of blue morning glories. It was so beautiful, I cried.

I hope you have a piece of nature, close by, to love.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mostly ~

Gary writes klahanie"> a great emotive blog. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and sometimes, I want to slap this guy! (I’m just joking, Gary.) Gary and his side-kick Penny, (the Jack Russell dog), are quite famous over the internet. They also write!

It is with humble and partially insane, egotistical delusion, that I accept the “Life is Good Award” from Gary. It gets better because I get to pass it on to other bloggers!! Thank you very much, Gary.

There are certain requirements in accepting this award:

1. Thank and put a link back to the person who kindly gave this award.
2. Share a few things about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to other bloggers. (No limit given.)
4. Inform the bloggers that they have received the award.

Ironically, when I feel that life is good, I also get a vision of a piano falling on my head. Not a literal piano but a crashing-sort of burden would seem to appear. I fear looking at the horizon; hey, is that a tornado headed this way?? Time to strap down the piano!

Life as I feared had greater things in store for me. I learned that I could play that piano, releasing emotions that were harmful and yet good for me to resolve. Long wondrous melodies were circling in my head; I felt reborn as I shared them with the walls. The harmonious blend of sound took and shook my walls, and I felt free. I wasn’t going to tote that piano anywhere anymore, because the keys to “Life is good” left their composition in my soul. (I’ll move on from the dramatics, as I wanted to be an actor at one time.)

The only life I know (or remember?) is this one. I feel blessed by a Creator I cherish, knowing that more will be revealed for my life. I used to see physical limitations as a curse. Today I realize that if I were totally healthy, I wouldn’t make time to do the things I do. Just like some friends and family, I’d live life in the fast lane. In my mind it’s akin to running away from my self. Lying all ego aside I claim that life is good… mostly. I hope yours is mostly good too.

I pass the “Life is Good Award” to the following bloggers/writers. If you’d rather not participate, that’s fine. No questions asked. Just know that I greatly enjoy your web site, and the “good life” I read about when I’m visiting.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Support can be beautiful"*

It’s the day of the great “Super Bowl” and I wanted to show my support. Yes sir, if I had to go another week I’d scream. Yes ma’am, and when the last second ticks away I hope I’m having a nice catnap. I’ll have to keep the snoring in check. After all I’m married to man who eats this stuff up.

Speaking of eating; there’s a huge bag of chicken wings to be smothered and covered in sauce, and then baked. There’s more and he’s busy prepping as I type. He even vacuumed the living room; he really wants to watch the big TV. I hide around the corner and laugh, but silently.

Speaking of hiding; there’s no way to miss finding your way to the restroom. This bowl sends out prism-like signals. You’d have to be blind to miss it. It kind of reminds me of the football network’s attitude: No one should ever miss a “Super Bowl.”

Green Bay Packers are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. If I can survive whoever murders the National Anthem I’ll stay for the kick-off. If not, my next stop is waking up in time to see the teams walk off the field.

“Support can be beautiful”*
* A trademark logo for ‘Playtex’ for women.
Image: Alibaba