Stripping away the rose colored glasses of denial concerning my reality. Getting in touch with truth. Reaching out to others in empathy concerning their reality and their walk to truth.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Sea with Life

A sea with life on every shore
So many rules that gut the core
The people bleed, their dreams seem lost
We make them pay with all the costs

Some die daily, others slowly die
I evoke one question: “could that be I?”
What rules prevent world tragedy?
While other rules give pageantry?

Could I be one who causes hate?
While choosing one I celebrate?
Please let the time be right I pray
Stand with one with changing way

We’re not all right, we’re not all wrong
Yet what we need is growing strong:
We need our studies to exercise care
Remove all blindness to do what is fair.

I’m sick that even God’s own rules;
Are trampled on by dogs with drool
Now I leave but know my heart
Is standing with the brand new start.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who's handling world trade now?

Are we going to find out, via a document leak in twenty years the "proof" that this was an insider deal? And just how sweet was the deal?
I believe we already know but it's painful to think that we were scammed... so we don't think about it. We don't talk about it. We're scared of it and the people responsibile for it.
Part of security is taking notes, talking with people, collecting data and evidence; to set up the case which is to come. How fast did that metal move, having been sold, to China? Don't worry, we're going to the Olympics!
I listened to a tape recording made inside of the stairwell; the firemen are trying to get back down to the ground but all these incendiary devices are going off at every level. The tape wasn't hidden and can still be heard today, but not in a court of law, will it?
Meanwhile I'm wondering if this can be done and hidden in plain sight: who's handling world trade now?

The "Graceful" Gift

Silly nieces that give me the strangest but deserving gifts... like this one. Each niece picked a color for the bouquet and it really looked nice. On the card, I laughed as I read: "To Aunt D with love: the graceful gift."
Now you might think this is about my graceful poems, my graceful art, whatever, but these five sent a message of sheer delight, mimicking my graceful walk. So funny and out of the mouths of babes!
Fibromyalgia is an issue for me and has caused me to walk into walls, door jams, even closed doors; there's no discrimination!So it was a family gathering where the girls hanging out in the kitchen, when I walked into a BEAM in the great room. Standing alone, everyone could SEE IT... even I could see it. But I could not walk past it without walking into it. The story of my life: why miss it when you can muff it?
Later I wanted to photograph it but no one wanted me to stand in the chair to hold the camera, hmm, wonder why?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today it's easier for me to give. Why? Because I've needed so much over the last twelve years and people have "been there" for me.

There was a time when the only thing that helped me was a trip to the coast; something about the sea and salt improved my life. But my husband did not love the coast but said he'd go for the golf at the Outer Banks. So OBX it was!

I like the sand and sitting out: hot, warm, cold days... whatever. I want the breeze to surround me, the salt spray to splash me and sand like silk between my toes!

So he got the golf cart, I got the blanket, and somewhere mid-afternoon we'd connect.

He's the most giving person I know; has stood by through some horrendous stuff, and sometimes I can't remember our marriage ten years ago. I get a bit lost and though it's not Alzheimer's it scares me just the same.

So if you read something and it sounds really strange... don't worry.. I am strange. It's perfectly normal. LOL

Living Cairns

A friend of mine is "gathering rocks for his cairn? I wondered what he was talking about.

There are several in this photo and long before I knew what they were called or what they were, I'd hiked the area. I remember thinking: maybe someone is gathering rocks to build a house! I could already visualize a stone chimney. Yes, I wanted to “gather rocks for my fireplace!"

Cairns can be found all over the world. They are used as grave markers, markers for the sun's solstices, mark paths to take, and maybe a shortcut to the local pond.
But my friend's story was to build a cairn of people; gathering people to work together in harmonious spirit.

The KJV 1611 version 'says that man does not know the way to peace.'

If we know peace then why has any war ever occurred involving my nation: America? We do not know it!

I'd better get back to gathering my rocks. I hope my friend is having some success with his. Caring people as living cairns showing the way to peace.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One slightly used Rose

One slightly used rose, she wrote in her ad,
And terribly meek, she wanted to add
But deep down inside, she wasn’t that meek
Just troubling and bubbling with flush on her cheek

The years have been fair and this is no lair,
It is only I, with time meant to share.
I’m soft but I’m rough with a life that’s been tough
I long for life’s fullness that begs ‘say enough’

The petals are going I feel them curl up
But I’ll have another enjoy my last sup
So please do not fear to wander in here
For the rose you would hold is wise and is dear.

Monday, June 23, 2008

An Oregon Sunset

Sometimes the sight of a place carries me to it, dragging me like a mouse across my computer pad! Graciously dropping me into the wet sand where I long to walk.

I can feel wetness of the sand between my toes; not too much as the sand becomes impacted, but dried in spots where the tide pulls away from the rocky shore.

Closer now I feel the mist and then wisps of the stronger water, against my face and body, washing in; a baptism in pure salt water!

My eyes are amazed at the combination of golds, oranges, blues, chocolates, and a subtle shadow of black on the inside of larger rock formations. And the sand in it's blandness mirrors the beauty of it all.

What a glorious surprise ending: the sun peeks through to say goodnight. He is yellow, a color for perfect breathing, orange for humanity, and only the sun knows how long he's been peeking through this formation. I cannot imagine it without him.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Pelicans

There were eighteen flying
in a single row like a huge train across the skies...

dipping, swaying, hugging the coast.

Dolphins were churning the waves and a school of fish were trapped...

they all were fed.

I jumped to my feet, applauding their perfomance of grandeur...
but the sea roared a larger approval...

The first one to go

I wanted again. I wanted again. Within three months... I wanted again!

At least this one helped me de-focus on the main one.

My friend says, "you might as well obssess over 5-6, as much good as for one!"

So I have a plan. Out with the old, in with my new.

Always be the first one to go.

A place to belong

A place to belong...
tis heaven's song
When asked to go
make sure you know
That in your haste
you leave no waste
and love abides in every space.

The Fields of Kandahar

The old man walked; not in a feeble way
To pluck the plants that must be shipped today.

He hates the act that they’ll be sold
To greedy men who think they’re gold.

The stems so green to reach the sky
He’ll cut in half and half will die.

But oh the pain left to the flowers
Their petals crushed for many hours.

The old man’s tears stream down his face.
What G-d gives us they’ve laid to waste?

I say no ill for G-d is judge
Please let me live without a grudge.

Give me strength to use the calm
And voice to sing your every Psalm.

“The Fields of Kanadhar”
Afghanistan 2002