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Saturday, July 27, 2013

fencing lessons

Fenced in or flying free ~ sometimes I wonder  ~ which one is me?

Is there an ebb, like the ocean's tide, that carries sorrow and joy throughout our lives? Why is it, that I'll be celebrating a victory of some sort when suddenly, there's a crisis? This has been a repeated 'thing' throughout my life.  I'm come to realize that most everyone else experiences similar flows ~ ~ ~

In with the good, out with the bad... what pray tell was I missing? My turn around time was too short. You know that "moment" you need to feel supported right before the bridge collapses? I'm counting: 1, 2, 3, and really thinking I'll make it to 5... but at 3.2 I'm screwed. (Sorry, but screwed IS the appropriate word.) Oh, "for Pete's sakes, " I'll give you my latest example. (By the way, where did "for Pete's sakes," come from?)

I've been so swept away being the happy homeowner; come this August 8th, it will be two years! Wow! As most of you know I began a mission to build my own block walls to redirect rain water flow and, in general, create some extra beauty. It's also helped me exercise the arm that I broke in May a year ago. My, how time has flown.

It's been great and though some days I cannot get more than seven to ten blocks moved, I'm almost done. I'm on the fourth wall and yet, "I'm off the wall." Yep, one day I stood out in the rain watching the water, and the natural path it chose... winding around and down the hill... my blocks would accommodate the clouds! I felt 'green'. LOL.

Then I noticed that one of the rain downspouts needed help directing water away from the house. You know... those long metal things/pipe-like drains that pull rain water from the roof?! So I took a little trip down to my basement to see if I could 'engineer' something to help temporarily. Gosh, hadn't been down in the basement for over a week; been so busy watching the rain from the outside for the block mission. Egad! Water on the floor! Oh my... water in half of the basement. I knew we had several hard rains over the last week but... this! This was going to take some work. Exactly five days on my own and the basement is now dry.

Here's the good part. The new paths I've made using the blocks are working. If not the entire basement would have been flooded. I did discover that my sump pump has ceased living!(sigh) I've been watching videos to see if I can do a replacement installation. Basically I have to find out what the current model, size, make is. I guess it's like buying a car?? And yep, I already checked the electrical outlets... they're working fine. Anyway I can always call for a consultation with an expert. They don't charge but their help might give me an edge I don't already have. You see, I'm also going to put commercial downspouts on my home; should have been that way from the beginning. It's a big roof!!! Try not to laugh, dcrelief has high hopes.

So... being a homeowner... am I fenced in or flying free? Forget that... just let me know how you're doing. Or maybe you've done some house project that would help. And yes, don't do like my neighbor across the street and say, "You need a man." (As he smiled and batted his eyelids at me.) Personally I think the maintenance on my house would be cheaper!!!

Thanks for reading.