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Thursday, October 18, 2012

make sure there's a fairy

My niece requested a painting of yourself, and, oh, make sure there's a fairy!

Click on picture to enlarge... see it all. Thanks.

all hands on deck... eventually

I'm so grateful I cut my own hair two weeks ago! What?

What do you do when something happens that makes you sad? Hmm, here's an example. Five days ago I fell asleep in my new office chair. Slumped over putting pressure on my right side shoulder, arm, and hand. When I awoke my hand wouldn't move in an upward position. Looks similar to a dog's when it stands on it's hind legs begging; a limp paw. And since the exact same thing happened to my left arm two weeks before this event... I suspected a pinched nerve in my neck. So while I am still taking therapy for the broken, but healing shoulder, I have added therapy for my neck.

The hobbies are all on hold. I wait to return to my usual humble self. Just so you'll know when I post something really simple, even more simple than my usual simple... it's not because I'm on vacation. I'm simply limp. Meanwhile, should you notice a repeat post from the past... forgive the action.

I know... no more sleeping in the office chair.  And what to do because this result makes me sad? Chalk it up as another life experience. Look for positives things that can only happen because this did. May sound strange, but I often think bad comes along for me to have empathy for others, or some unknown measure of learning provokes another to challenge their direction. Or maybe I need to slow down a bit.

How about you? How do you deal with the sad things?

Bye for now ~