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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Glorious Wildlife and the Donation

Very soon they will coming down the path from yon gazebo - my gazebo. Mine, mine, mine, you little rat face critters! I will, I will, I will have it all!!! (sigh)Let us begin at the beginning.

In my back yard is a gazebo often the sight of happy gatherings and when possible, the family would run off the chipmunks and meet out there too. Yes the little cuties have homesteaded for many years. (Cuties I say reluctantly.) They are also very clever and devious in their pursuit of eating whatever they can find. My gazebo is a war zone of nut shells and corn husks.

Beware! This year they were especially devious and dangerous. Why would I say this, you ask? (Go ahead, I know you're thinking that.) Look at the holes they dug in the front yard. They make these tunnels that crisscross and heaven help me when I try to mow the yard. Step in one of those and ouch! There's no stopping them - no catching them. I tried and got pelted with empty hickory nuts shells from my patio wall.

Every day it's the same old thing. They drag whatever it is they're eating to the gazebo. I have no clue where the almonds came from - I don't have an almond tree. I suspect they shop elsewhere.

Today I received one of those, "Save the Critters," postcard mailings. Of course the photo is a of a chipmunk. Of course it is cute. Donations go to support national wildlife... (who remind me that I am taking up a lot of land by myself. The least I could do is mail them a check, and so I did.)

Later in the afternoon, thinking to make peace with the chipmunks, I traveled down the path to my gazebo. I left a bowl of sunflowers seeds hoping to make a connection of sorts. An hour later there was a scratching at my door and a postcard left in the screen's edge. It was then that I noticed tiny bits of paper blowing on the patio... "pay to the order of...." what?

Clever and devious...


  1. This year they were especially devious and dangerous... Is that so? Chipmunks are funny creatures.

    1. You want to say they're creative and calculating - in a hyper-nut sort of way? I'll accept that.Oh yes they are funny and they're evil. Don't let those cute little faces fool you.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Janie. I will allow myself to be scammed by other cute creatures too!

  3. So sweet. And they are the cutest little things...

    1. Yes, but what about those holes and tunnels? They are not cute!

  4. I suppose it would be politically incorrect to suggest hiring exterminators.


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