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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A talking gazebo

December 26th we had a wonderful snow day.
My parents’ home is a magical place to see.
Their gazebo is placed in the perfect spot to see sunrise and sunset.
It speaks to me and its memories are sweet.

Small brown birds visit daily. Bright red cardinals perch on the rail.
Blue hydrangeas bend under the weight of the snow; their time passed.
The evergreens in the background add color to the scene.
It speaks to me and the memories are sweet.

Loving parents did the best they could with their talents.
I am a product of both, and everything, since childhood.
The gazebo gave us hours to speak and be understood.
It speaks to me and the memories are sweet.

Each season has its beauty and darkness.
Accept both and wear contentment as an answer.
The gazebo gave me hours to listen and understand.
And now~ it speaks to me and the memories are complete.


  1. Hi Dixie,
    What a wonderful and heart warming story. The 'talking gazebo', a most reflective and inspirational sanctuary for your heart and soul.
    Thank you for this.
    With kind wishes, Gary :-)

  2. Sounds a beautiful place to escape to and watch the world go by. Best wishes, Julie x

  3. Thank you, Gary. It is quite the sanctuary. Peace :)

  4. Thank you, Julie. Wish you could see it in the spring; blue hydrangeas, climbing Jasmine, and orange lillies. Peace, Julie. x

  5. I hope this gazebo becomes your's !!

  6. Anonymous,
    Wouldn't that be awesome! You could come over and play... alot!

  7. What a beautiful spot in the trees.

    My parents live in the trees as well, and when I visited over Christmas, I went out and stood under the bird feeders and could literally feel the beating of their wings. They were so brave and came so close to me. It was such a precious moment in I tend to revisit each time I go there.

  8. Hi Jaime,
    It's very nice of you to visit. I can relate to your memories as well.
    I wish you many more happy moments there. Thank you.


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