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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow play

Once again we have received a beautiful snow. Falling all night and now all day, I can’t wait to see the animals play. I did the best I could do to capture their fun and frolic. So without further adieu: “Smile for the birdie.”

‘Little Cardinal’ has fallen in love at first sight.

‘Snowball’, if we let you out, we might not find you later.

‘Susie’ hopes ‘Snowball’ is outside so she can chase her.

‘Noble’ is a dog for all seasons, and never meets a stranger.

The end~


  1. Dear Dixie,
    Glad that you are enjoying the snow. Well, at least the animals seem to be.
    Over here in England the snow has now all but cleared and we are looking forward to some warmer weather.
    Hope that you had a great Christmas and can look forward to a happy and healthy New Year,

  2. Hey Dixie,
    I heard about the latest snowfall you received in your part of America.
    My oh my, what beautiful photos and wonderful accompanying captions.
    I feel all cosy after reading and seeing this lovely posting.
    Peaceful and kind wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  3. Dear David,
    My neighbors have the cutest pets. I wish they all liked the snow. There are some I couldn't get a photo of... maybe in the spring!

    I do love the snow, but this time I've had more fun watching cars slide around the road's curve. Does that sound 'wicked'?

    By all means I hope you receive the wanted warmth.

    Holidays are what I make them; mine were filled with love and joy this year. Thanks for asking.

    Wishing you a very good year!
    In peace,

  4. Hi Gary,
    I've concentrated so much on snow posts I hope I haven't frozen my readers!

    I think we're at 4 inches now... still coming down.

    As I was telling David, the pets that love the snow were out in full regalia; chasing birds and squirrels too.

    Aw, cozy? Nice comment, Gary.
    Peace to you in the new year.

  5. Hi Dixie!
    Oh I am indeed smiling!
    On Saturday, I snapped a shot similar to your mourning dove photo... I'll share it with you on my blog somehow...someday soon :o)
    So fun to see those doves "standing tall" on the top of the feeders!
    Your shots are so clear... This weekend, I took out some of our screens so that I wouldn't get their reflection in my pics...
    Your commentary made me smile, Dixie... especially about your cat, Snowball ~ and the last one with the snow falling is so nice! What kind of dog is Noble?
    Have a wonderful week ~ stay cozy*

  6. ps. Thanks for the OK to post your poem on my classroom door! So excited about it :o)
    I'll take a photo when I'm done decorating!

  7. Hi Maria.
    It was a hard choice picking which pets to place on my blog. None of them are mine, but belong to neighbors. I'll have to ask what "Noble" is... he's so friendly and cute.

    Went to my Godmother's to shoot some stills of items in her yard... like the bike. The cardinal was a surprise but refused to leave. Later we had lunch and the dove seemed to 'peek in' on us! Well, hello Mr. Dove!

    We have 8-11 inches of snow. Then it rained and there's an overlay of ice. No more outside shots today!

    Thank you so much for your kind remarks.

  8. Maria,
    It is my honor for you to share this poem with your children.

    For many years I wrote children's stories, though I've never had them published; just wrote for the nieces and nephews. Now they're having children and want more copies!

    I cannot wait to see what your wonderful talent will create. Thank YOU, Maria!!

  9. Hi Dixie; I love taking great pictures especially of my animals. Yours look like they are enjoying themselves. Hope you are well and happy. C u around. Hmmm?

  10. Heather,
    I enjoyed reading about your pets in your current post! Sounds like a house of hope and love~
    Thank you... hope to C u 2.


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